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Using YouTube to Drive Sales for Your eCommerce store: Tips & Tricks

Using YouTube to Drive Sales for Your eCommerce store: Tips & Tricks
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Words have power. Sure.

But videos – a different ballgame, altogether!

You just can not compare the experience of watching a video – be it informational or entertaining, to anything else. There’s a reason that youngsters these days are leaning towards YouTube more than ever before – they could have a math problem to solve, or a funny clip to see; and it would circle back to clicking on their favourite YouTube channel.

So much of potential does this one portal hold, that why not use it to your advantage? Why not use it to skyrocket your sales?

There’s no answer to those ‘WHYs’, because you absolutely have to!

And here are a few ways you could employ in order to do it:

Nothing Beats Having Your own Channel!

Own your own Channel. That’s it. It’s the first thing you need to do, when it comes to promoting your product.

Your product, your service – it’s your brand. So the least it deserves, is a dedicated channel. All the videos that you’re going to shoot, all the advertisements that you’re going to work on – give them all a designated home on Youtube. Let your users know where to find that one ad they absolutely loved, or that video they thought they really connected well with!

Give your channel a catchy name. Divide your videos into various segments; and then work on giving those segments some catchy names. Organization is absolutely the key! And it starts with giving your product a channel.

‘Content’ is Everything

Think about what it is you want to convey to your users.

Because, content is always, always the undisputed King – think really hard about it. It’s about what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and that will finally decide how will you be saying it.

Have a strategy to go by, and then be consistent with that strategy.

The YouTube channel of Johnson and Johnson wouldn’t do very well if it showcased political opinions in the form of videos, now would it?

So, making fabulous videos in the beginning, and working hard to gather the followers that you might have – it all becomes nil, if there’s no consistency.

But consistency doesn’t mean the same videos all the time!

You could interview people in your field, share insights, tips and tricks with our audience about your service, solve the problems that they might be facing, and so on.

So be consistent; but don’t stop being interesting!

Keep It Short

Once you start making your video, you’ll see that after a while there’s just no stopping you! And it happens – because it’s something that you know about, that you love! So, ideas will just start flowing, and you would want to and eventually try to include as much as you can into your video. The fun you’d start having, you won’t want to stop!

Keep It Short

But the thing to keep in mind is, that unless it’s narendra Modi giving his speech, or Kim Kardashian walking on the red carpet in slo-mo – no one likes long videos!

Make your videos 2 minutes long, at the most, and make it in such a way that it makes its mark. Keep it short; keep it interesting.

Skip Ad Option

Who likes to see those YouTube ads? Nevermind the length of the ad, knowing that YouTube provides you an option to skip an ad in 5 seconds, anything longer than that feels like an eternity!

So, even if you have this not-too-long ad prepared, don’t skip on giving your users the option to skip your ad.

Skip Ad Option
But, how then would it help you?

It will, if you work super hard on making your mark in those 5 seconds flat, and push the user into watching all of it!

And the only way to do it, is doing something absolutely crazy! Distract your viewer, and then make it impossible for them to get distracted by anything else.

Think in terms of disruption! Be Outrageous!

Engage via Annotations

How many times have you encountered those little boxes while watching a YouTube video, asking you to subscribe their channel, or asking you to click on a particular link?

The answer would probably be – every time.

Engage via Annotations
These little boxes, called Annotations – you can use these boxes anyway you want to. You want to give a direct link back to your channel, or link to one of your other awesome videos, or maybe a witty comment that you think would add that extra zing to the viewer’s experience?

Have any super idea for a super interjection – just put it there in the box!

YouTube Celebrities – Get Them to Promote

Lilly Singh aka SuperWoman and her Bawse lipstick commercial – isn’t it just fabulous!

Do something like that!

Because these days, you won’t find many couch potatoes; you have YouTubers. And almost every YouTuber has a channel they are hooked to, a YouTube personality that they are a fan of.

So hold this opportunity with both hands, and let these celebs get your users hooked on to your product! The money you thought of paying to YouTube to advertise – spend it on something that appeals to the wide fan culture of our country, and so has definitely proven to be more effective.


Employ all the tricks above, and take heed of all the tips shared in here – plus mix it up by giving your video an awesome title, packed with the right keywords, and give backlinks in the description segment, of course. Don’t you forget about the tags! In short, if you go about taking care of the SEO needs of your video, you’ll be positively good to go!

Vrinda Wakhlu

I am a quirky person who loves to read and eat. I love sharing cool facts and my smile is highly infectious. Above all... writing is my passion.

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  1. Making Business known is a vital part of attracting new customers – no matter the industry in which your business operates whether small or big.. By improving your online presence, you can reach millions of possible customers around the world and also extend word-of-mouth practice.
    YouTube is a powerful medium for branding coupled with traffic. Countless entrepreneurs have leveraged the platform to grow online sales.6 billion hours is the total amount of time people spend watching videos on YouTube every month. It is also the second most popular search engine in the world and third most popular website after Google and FB.
    But selling on YouTube should be seen as a long-term process. Don’t expect overnight results.

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