Top 5 Best Ways To Sell Digital Goods Online

Top 5 Best Ways To Sell Digital Goods Online
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Selling your digital goods online without much hassle, with an ecommerce software which is not bulky – is a tough call. Because the thing with digital products is they require even more simplicity and more simpler forms to sell online.

Why the simplicity? Because, you don’t necessarily need all the products features to get the images or videos on the internet to sell them to your people. The problem remains the same, as for other products – which software to choose for selling your products after all? Which would be the best among all of them? Which would be the cheaper, easier and efficient?

Well. it’s tough to decide, when there are so many softwares available out there, and you can’t go on trying all of them, now, can you? That would be pretty riskier and stupid too. But there is a proper way to decide which would best suit your needs – going through all the features and what they offer, can really help in deciding which one to go for.

Of Course, the ultimate decision would be yours, that which is the one you should go for. So, let’s take a glance down some of the top ways which can prove best for your business of selling digital goods online:

Easy Digital Downloads


This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to sell your digital items through the WordPress interface. The setup only takes a few minutes because you don’t have to go with a completely different interface. The reporting is very efficient, with clear graphs and analytics for seeing how many people are purchasing your stuff. This option is ideal for developers who want to make their own tweaks as there are plenty of hooks and filters to make your own changes and customize. The payment provider fees and the extensions range from $0 to $83.



This is probably the best of the lot among the ways where you can sell digitized goods online. This is primarily made for this purpose only, so there are buttons specially made for this. These buttons are simple which are provided to you to put them anywhere and the product upload process is fairly simple. The only thing the site lacks is the setup interface, though it’s simple and easy to use – it’s quite outdated and old. Though you can get used to it in a bit of time.



Sendowl offers a simple and secure platform to sell your digital products online in minutes. The platform allows its access in any language which helps you sell your products all over the world. All it takes is a small button from SendOwl and you can place it on your website, social sites or blog.
The most amazing part of this is – it doesn’t take a cut of your sales and all of your sales go to you. Although there is a small monthly fee from $9 to $39. It integrates directly with the biggest processors like and PayPal, and they don’t hold your payments for any amount of time, so your money gets to you rather quickly.



This actually is a place which serves both as a place to sell your stuff as well as, a community for people to find great content. It works great because you don’t have to spend tons of time to upload your content and design your platform. The designs are already rather sleek, and you can even see what other creators are doing to sell their products. This costs between 5 and 2 percent for every transaction based on your monthly plan, and it is free to $250.



This one is basically designed and aligned to help up-and-coming artists, with support for big and small files. You can integrate it with your website and social media pages. The interface is fairly simple, but it doesn’t seem to have all the features you might find in other options. It costs fairly between $6 to $49 per month.


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  1. Glad I ran across this article. Familiar with a couple of them, was thinking about developing a platform in shopify, wonder why its not mentioned here.

  2. Very useful! I want to set up an e-commerce site selling natural beauty products. Shall I start it with a blog and later an online shop or do them at the same time? And how shall i start my blog.

  3. Article worth to spend time on. Are there any eCommerce platforms aimed at dynamic database/live feed from supplier that you recommend.

  4. This was really informative and i would like to ask you that wether considering social media accounts as a sales channel worth it.

  5. I wanted to ask for help, because I want to create an online store and have some questions. I would like to have my own domain and I know that it is possible to buy it through the many e-commerce platforms that you mentioned. But I have heard that it is best to buy through platforms such as godaddy. What is your opinion and what is the difference?

    • Hi You can take help from They will assist you buy domain from and your you can get your online shop ready in few second. I have done the same with them really apprciate quick turn around with quality execution

  6. Sendowl sounds interesting. I had no idea that such services could be availed. I am doing my research and your blog helps a lot.

  7. Please write more interesting articles like this. I had just heard about Pulley, thank you for explaining the service in detail.

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