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Things You Need To Know About Product Packaging

Things You Need To Know About Product Packaging
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Shipping is that part of an ecommerce transaction, that can literally make or break you – and how you package your product forms the backbone of shipping.

Packaging a product isn’t just about putting a sturdy box in place – though it is probably the most important part – but it’s about making sure the product inside remains completely safe and secure, plus turning that packaging into a full blown marketing strategy!

So, let’s start with:

Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes

You could go for getting custom-made boxes manufactured for your business. Not really boxes, but they are cardboard sheets that you must have even seen at many of the cake shops. These sheets can be easily folded and your regular tapes or stickers can hold them together. Now a custom box would have your company logo, your address, and everything else printed right on the box – and that could be a little costly. So, you could go for a plain box, and have custom-made labels prepared, stick them to the boxes – and it would still look great, while being a little easy on your pocket.

You could even go a little easy on the environment, by reusing old packaging, or upcycling!

Another way would be going for beautiful handcrafted packaging, which will bring a bit of a personal touch to it.

But, spending so much of money on some really nice custom boxes, and the customer finding a damaged product inside – is it really worth it?

You have to ensure that your product doesn’t move inside the box during shipping, or breaks, and remains intact. And for that, these are a few options that you can choose from, so as to fill the box with and use to cushion your product:

Shipping Peanuts

shipping peanuts

Light, but sometimes you’ll find them too light for their own good, as they pose as unmanageable at times – but, they sure as hell get the work done!

Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap always brings out the child in us – it never ceases to lure you into playing with it! But along with that very important function, it also serves as an extremely useful tool to protect your products from any damages, while shipping.

Shredded Paper

shredded paper

Who would have thought paper could protect something! Maybe a single piece of paper might not provide much of protection – but shred that same paper, and voilà! You have a nice layer of cushion ready to fill the box. But, you should still go for bubble wrap, in case the items you’re shipping are too fragile, like if they’re made of glass or something.

Anti-Static Sponge

anti static sponge

Now in case you’re dealing in electronic products, you’ would probably do better using antistatic sponge which would also protect any precision instruments that you might be shipping.

Some Miscellaneous Tips:

As you ready your product to be shipped, these are some of the packaging tips that would serve you well:

  • You don’t want to send your product without a proper layer of cushion – and we saw that in the previous section. So, before you decide upon the proper cushion you’d choose, you have to first make sure that the box itself is a little bigger than the product itself. Only then, would you be able to leave a little room for that extra cushioning.

  • Needless to say, the box itself must be sturdy enough to live through the whole shipping process.

  • Labelling, again goes without question, should be done properly. Do not forget to provide the return address on the package.

  • In case you choose to re-using a box, then do not let the little things like removing the previous labels or hiding them with a black marker, slip through your mind.

  • And just so your box can also serve the purpose of re-use, try to label on the bottom of the box.

  • Instead of going for custom-tailored boxes, you could probably go for sticking customized labels to regular boxes – this would lower your shipping cost to a great extent.

Also read Shipping Products From Your New Online Store to know more about Product Packaging.

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  1. Vinit Gour says:

    That’s a well-written informative article which has made the crowdfunding concept clear and easy to understand.

  2. Shipping in cardboard boxes with lots of bubble wraps, shredded papers and thermocols nake sure the product is well supported in the box. Also, to add a pinch of customization, tape it with custom printed tapes.

  3. Ram Rathod says:

    Wow!! that’s some good tips about packaging a product. Will surely be helpful for any kind of business.

  4. Dhiraj Rathi says:

    the first thing i look for when my package arrives is the packaging! That sets a standard to the quality of the product that i have ordered. Companies must ensure good packaging.

  5. i always feel that a lot of resources are wasted by some brands in their packaging adding to the overall waste. Wish these companies promote environment friendly materials and give some thought to the environment as well.

  6. customizing definitely helps. Companies need to ensure materials that can be re-used hence reducing wastage. Like a good box will always come of help when we pack something.

  7. Although they say that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, let’s face it that we all do! Packaging is key and a lot of people tend to forget that.

  8. Yes, it is important to have good, if not great, packaging. I have received one many packages from e-commerce sites that are absolutely unappealing- turn off for me.

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