Things Every Non-Technical Founder Should Know How to Do

Things Every Non-Technical Founder Should Know How to Do
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If you’re a non-technical founder of an eCommerce startup, trying to raise money will be an uphill battle. In the technical world, non-technical founders risk being seen as unqualified.

Here are a few points that will help you in the long run :

Research and Validation


Getting information from other people in the same field will help get your research in place. Figuring out the different experiences will show you that many people share the same frustration too. Once you have a fair idea of what is happening, it will be useful to build a better solution.

Building Visuals


Having a clear idea of the features and functionality of the project and presenting them using various tools like Photoshop, Balsamiq for mockups or wireframe up a whole page to make it easier for the team to understand will be helpful to the team. Showing is always better than telling because it gives your team a better idea of your vision.



When doing your research and validation, you will get some amazing insights to help your development and also will increase the chances of success once you launch. Talking about your product when you make calls for research will give you a list of hundreds of highly qualified leads, and dozens of paying customers within weeks of your launch. This way, you can be selling even before you have anything to sell.



Looking to raise money? Connect with investors who see hundreds of pitches each week and make the case that your company is worth betting on. Connect with your customers and deeply understand their challenges, hopes and fears if you want to sell online. For a firm to run efficiently and for your to manage it effectively, you need to connect with your team and stay on top of a number of markers: happiness, productivity, obstacles, goals and schedules. Since you are a non-technical founder, the biggest job for you is to grow your ecommerce site through customer acquisition, hiring, managing and more.

Getting to know the tools of the trade


Developers use different tools to help them do their jobs better and easier. Using tools like Pivotal Tracker which has great, easy-to-understand video tutorials will contribute massively to the success of your team.


When you are a non-technical founder there will be new learning lessons everyday. And if you’re a technical founder, then understanding the perspective of the non-technical people you work with will help you realise how you can help them help you more effectively.

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