Things To Consider Before Selecting E-Commerce Platform For Your Fashion Online Store

Things To Consider Before Selecting E-Commerce Platform For Your Fashion Online Store
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Fashion is a big deal, in the recent years where people are buying extensively through online platforms, it is extremely important for brands to focus on them. All major brands are moving online and focusing attention on their online stores just as much as their physical stores.

That your website should look really nice is a given, what else should a fashion ecommerce site consider?

Question 1 : Do you know your target audience?


What are the kind of people you are selling to. Are they looking for quality or quantity? Ask yourself if you can truly cater to the people who you count as your target audience. If yes, then also ask yourself over a period of time if you can scale new heights and gain more of your intended target audience.

Question 2: What does your budget look like?


Do not say you don’t have a budget. Start with a simple ‘How much can I afford to spend’ There is  more than just launch, set aside a budget for maintenance as well. You can do everything by yourself or opt for a service that’ll charge you for a fee for maintaining and hosting your site.

Question 3: What other systems need to be integrated?


Ask yourself will you be opting for 3rd party payment options, does the platform allow for it? How about logistics?  Or mailing lists that you’ll need to integrate. Ensure that timeliness is key to your platform. An unhappy customer is not the best mouthpiece for your business. Logistical errors are going to affect you adversely.

Question 4: What’s your inventory looking like?


You definitely want your website to support your entire stock and volume of traffic. Some platforms charge differently for different prices and volumes, so you need to have a realistic growth plan and see where you want to go.

Question 5: How much can you do for the site?


There are technically sound people who would rather opt for sophisticated solutions that need a little bit of development from your side if you’re not technically great you can invest time on other aspects of your business and pick a website ready for use.

Other things you could consider:

What do you let customers do on the website, do you let them simply shop or book mark items?
Do you want to encourage them to share on social media.
Can they create looks, mix and match from your inventory?

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  1. Kishore Pradhan says:

    By the way…..great article brother. Good for people who want to get their shop up and running fast don’t have time to learn a technology and deal with it’s headaches. 😀 😀

  2. Dhanush Kaneria says:

    wow, sppending time on this helped me. Its simple and detailed. Helped a lot.! I think, I should expand my business to E-Commerce. I insist never go for a ready to occupy web page instead create/develop one of your own choice.

  3. Thanks for this man. It helped me to understand about the usability before enetering the E-commerce. I have a question how important do you think the 24/7 customer support is?

  4. Sourabh Kumar says:

    I think its time for the people to start thinking about expanding to E-commerce. As you told we should always spare some amount in our budget for maintainance as this really counts and find a good team for that as your business develops.

  5. Good article. I think a fashion store needs to do more than just provide the product. They need to make the customer feel good about the purchase.

  6. Nowadays many people get into the online fashion sector without knowing much about the business. This article will really help people struggling in the business.

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