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The Story of
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(Source: Twitter)

(Source: Twitter)

Monicka Sama, from the largest B2B car-care product store,, recalls attending a seminar wherein she heard a very well known industry observer that “if our business is not online we will probably become extinct.”

And somewhere in that lecture – in that sentence, probably lied the foundation of this online venture, which hasn’t just become the provider of the best quality Auto detailing and “Do It Yourself” products, but with more than 50 detailing centres across India under Brand Name of “CarzSpa”, leads the car detailing business too.

(Source: Twitter)

(Source: Twitter)

The impact of E-commerce is growing very fast and far reaching. Corroborating this with data, she says, “30% of small business with a web presence are generating more revenue compared to brick and mortar companies. According to an automotive survey, 2.4 million cars are getting on road every year. So to cater such a huge market with our product portfolio for B2B and B2C, and trying to leave no part untouched across the large geography of India – going online was the best option, especially with limited financial and human resources.”

The Troubles As a Startup

“All startups have problems – doing business online is the biggest challenge itself”, says Monicka. Before having moved online, Monicka hadn’t realized the challenges that come with it. “Just build a store upload products, integrate Payment gateway and all done.”

It was after entering the field of ecommerce, that she realized there was so much more of jargon to look for – like getting traffic, SEO, Alexa Ranking, Google Ranking, Logistics, along with building customer trust, good tracking system, promotions, digital marketing – and above all how to remain profitable. “So I think the real challenge is getting all the things together in one place and making sure it’s a stable and robust solution.” and Buildabazaar

“My dream project of successful online store came true with the help of Buildabazaar team, a platform where I got all the solutions for my problems.” Finding the platform efficient, and the people here co-operating, Monicka has been happy being associated with this platform. While Monicka thanks BuildaBazaar for its support and cooperation, we in turn thank her for choosing us to fulfill her dream of reaching millions of customers through her website at reasonable cost.

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  1. Damien Banks says:

    Today, e-commerce is definitely one of the fastest growing platforms. Having an online store will make the break that you have been looking for.

  2. I have read a lot about starting your own online store. Good luck guys! Startups like this must be recognized.

  3. The article made me so curious, I went on and I must say that the line up of products is great. Very nice.

  4. Arjun Sahni says:

    Amazing. Start ups are changing the face of how the auto industry works.Becoming India’s biggest car care store is no easy task. Good work!

  5. Challenges are a part of business. Small or big, rest assured that going online takes a huge weight off your shoulder. Carzspa seems like an innovative idea that is sure to go on and make an impact. Good job Monicka Sama.

  6. Seems like build a bazaar has helped one many start-ups make their way into the world of today, which is obviously online. Hats off to Monicka and her carzspa. Kudos to BAB for creating a platform.

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