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Can you “Not” Dance to these Drum rolls

Can you “Not” Dance to these Drum rolls
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The Drum Circle has been a one-of-it’s-kind, kind of venture – bringing together the love for music, the experience of drumming, and people engagement, while creating an environment of excitement, and oddly leading to the relaxation of mind.

With an Undergraduate degree from FLAME, Pune, and a Masters in Business Design, from DOMUS Academy, Milan (Italy), Rujul Vora took his next step by joining his dad’s construction firm. But before he knew it, he was bit by the startup bug.


Rujul Vora

(Source: The Ahmedabad Blog)

The First Drum Circle

Drums were the first things he needed for his project to take off, and he started with Ahmedabad. Not finding it a breeze at all, he decided on renting drums, instead of buying them. But paying the rent plus transportation charges was a bit too much; even so as the first drum circle at Weekend Window proved that curiosity was enough to bring people in, but not to make them pay Rs 300 per head.

Finally on taking a trip outside the walled city, Rujul found the vendors who would sell him drums at competitive prices in Mumbai and Goa. But this time around, he faced a new challenge – of not having the drums delivered on time. With a circle scheduled just around the corner, it was his dad threatening to take a legal action, that made the vendors deliver on time.

His first set of 50 drums was finally here.

The TDC Team

The TDC Team

(Source: Chaaipani)

Though it’s been a laudable endeavor, it hasn’t been a solo one. An individual dream in the beginning, there were 15 others who helped make this dream a reality. Having known them from the music lessons Rujul used to take long back, this group of 16 makes The Drum Circle possible.

With their job profiles varying from being Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Gold-Smith, Software Developer – it’s their common hobby that brings them together for every jamming session. With Rujul handling the clientele as well as arranging the sessions, he co-ordinates with his mates on whatsapp, and they put together a successful Drum Circle.

How It Works

how it works

“We don’t play; people do” , says Rujul. To make this work in a smooth manner, this extraordinary group of 16 has divided itself into 3 teams – Logistics, Co-facilitators, and Facilitator. The Logistics Team takes care of everything that takes place before and after a Drum Circle. Like, setting up all the drums and chairs, basically setting up the place – would be the prerogative of this team. Then come the Co-Facilitators, who facilitate the the rhythm and sync of the drumming session. They perfect the rhythm themselves, start drumming, and the people follow their lead. And the co-facilitators, in turn, follow the lead of the facilitator – Rujul Vora.

Rujul begins with meditation, gradually moving on to body drumming, and finally reaches the step, he calls “Call and Response”. He starts with an extremely simple set of beats, which the people have no problem replicating. And as he advances to a more continuous rhythm, his co-facilitators help him in setting a magical session in motion – making drummers out of people, who’ve had absolutely no previous experience. “Playing a rhythm is fine”, he says, “it’s playing in sync that’s tricky.”

A look at how The Drum Circle works, and what all Rujul and his team of fifteen along with all the people achieve at a jamming session:

The Drum Circle and BuildaBazaar

When asked about how has BuildaBazaar been able to help his dreams become reality, he says he’s “really happy with the platform”. It’s good to know how Rujul says he has “formed great friendships with the relationship managers he’s had to deal with”. And because commitment, he says, is a big thing for him, with queries solved fast, and more importantly, without giving any reminders – his experience with BuildaBazaar has definitely been one to look forward to.

Being an Entrepreneur

Attitude is everything, they say. And Rujul wouldn’t just agree to it, but set for you an example to follow. “Ask me how I am, and I’ll say one of three – Beautiful, Awesome, or Amazing!” , he says. Rujul firmly believes in the power of thought. Tired and Busy are two words that absolutely don’t exist in his dictionary. Nor does he believe in the questions How and Why – because “sometimes, your gut feeling is enough. You don’t always need reasons to make your choices. The feeling that something needs to be done, is sometimes a greater driving factor behind actually getting that thing done.”

To all those coming-up entrepreneurs, he’d like to say, “Personal satisfaction is nothing without professional satisfaction. So, before deciding to settle down or settle for something, give your dreams at least one shot. It’s the least your dreams deserve!”.

Vrinda Wakhlu

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  1. Wow!! That’s a unique idea of creating a platform where people from all professions can get to learn drumming.

  2. The idea of creating drumming sessions in circular motion and training the people to follow the sync is really innovative and amazing.

  3. Rohan Sarkar says:

    Good to hear that young talent in India are coming up with amazing inspirational ideas. Agree to what Rujul has said that Professional satisfaction gives personal satisfaction.

  4. so refreshing to see that ventures with a difference are also gaining popularity in India. TDC is definitely extremely unique.

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