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Talk About Dapper Dressing

Talk About Dapper Dressing
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Combining the best in accessories, prints and cuts! Chasquido is a brand that caters exclusively to men’s wear. Chasquido saw the need for an exclusive men’s online shop, one that specialised in accessories, one that specialised in taking dapper dressing one notch above all. What makes Chasquido stand out is their art of design. They make everything from bow ties to crisp cut shirts to socks to fun ­loving shoes.

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Renowned for their pristine craftsmanship, they tailor the most exquisite pieces for your wardrobe. You’ll find accessories with quirky prints, with that added touch of class, to fun prints that’ll upgrade your work or off duty dressing. That’s more than enough reason for you fashion conscious folk to take your pick from their collection.

In general, when you shop online you find that there are more than a plentiful of options for women. To find a suave tie or even a bow tie is a herculean task for the men and that’s where these guys come to the rescue. Whether you’re getting ready for a casual date or want to add a touch of fun to your ‘day to day’ wardrobe, these guys have made sure that the answers are simply a click away.

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Going online, in today’s situation, is marking your territory. If you’re looking to market yourself as a brand, the need to have a website has become the norm. Which is why Chasquido approached BuildaBazaar. BaB handles all your online woes. They take care of everything that you wish you had resources to get done. Your delivery, your services and maintenance as well. All you have to do is approach them and that’s what Chasquido did.

Chasquido goes beyond the need for easy reach. What makes them unique is their love for fashion, their appreciation for fashionable dressing and their eagerness to bridge the gap that existed between online shopping and men.

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When you step into their site, you will notice the well layered products that come with oodles of the ‘X­factor’. Let’s face it, the time for plain old checks, although plenty, and solids is somewhat behind us. People are now on the lookout for something different and that’s exactly what they cater.

A Stitch In Time

it in absolute style. Successful as they have become, their very name is known to us all thanks to the BaB team.

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Time as we know is precious. BaB helps you in every way possible to ensure that your brand gets exactly what they need. If you are looking to get something fun and stylish go ahead and dive into the world of Chasquido, you’ll love it!

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  1. Shopping is now fun & much easier for men with Chasquidoman. The website looks neat and completely dedicated for men’s fashion and accessories.

  2. Loved the products put up in Chasquidoman website. They are unique and interesting…..unlike the regular wear from other stores.

  3. Arnab Banerjee says:

    Must say that the website is well desiged, neat & easy to shop. Loved their website. That’s a good job by Buildabazaar team!!!

  4. Rimi Khatun says:

    A very nice concept by build a bazaar to help small brands make it big on the e-commerce platform. Good job!

  5. Isha Chordia says:

    to have an exclusive place for dapper dressing is a fresh idea. It amazes me how fast things around are changing for good.

  6. Medhana Patel says:

    Appearance makes a lot of impact on the image of a person. Chasquido is a one stop solution for men who generally have an aversion towards shopping. Awesome!

  7. A site for men, now we’re talking. I don’t think formal wear is given importance. Good to see dapper dressing take over!

  8. Rajiv Ghosh says:

    Nice article. Buildabazaar has been helping start ups by helping them with the most important part of getting online. Setting up a website and taking care of logistics. The DIY approach is really interesting.

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