How To Create A Stunning Visual Brand For All Your Online Platforms

How To Create A Stunning Visual Brand For All Your Online Platforms

Rapid development of online technologies and the tech world gave a lot of freedom to the business from advertising, marketing to launching a new product, this field has created a revolution. Now every business from small to medium & large scale is experiencing this freedom and revolution.
Be the business of any kind it has become easy to create the brand identity online, which can be done easily by creating a website, marking online presence on social media and find a niche market to discover new opportunities in sales.

But the question that arises is, will these small companies be able to gain the brand value and establish themselves as “BRAND” like the big companies have been doing it for decades.

This article below is cutting through all the facts, to explain how one can grow their brand online, which has become an elementary factor. Listed below are three steps to expand your brand value –

1. Find Your Brand Identity

Find Your Brand Identity

Once you have an idea you need to define your brand. To market anything be it be a product or just an idea you need to know it inside out. After identifying brand you will be able to create a foundation for all your marketing strategies.

Consider the following elements required to build up your brand identity:

Who is your target audience?
Target audience of any business is basically the conversing partner of your business.
To understand your customers better you need to understand their demographics such as their age group, gender, educational profile and location.
You need to define the things that drive them towards your product, and what you can offer them.
Also, define the social platforms they are active on so that it becomes easy for you to reach them. The most important thing that comes up is how would your brand influences them.

What is the story of your brand?
Great storytelling is the key to establish a brand. Power of your brand story defines your presence and identity. The more appealing your story is the more it helps to build a connection with your audiences. One can include the company’s origin and motivation in a few thousand words but making it straightforward with CONCEPT, OFFERING & SUCCESS STRATEGY creates a connection with the audiences.

What is your brand’s personality?
Brand personality can be defined as the set of characteristics connected to a company or a brand name. As a business, grasping your brand’s personality helps you to create a connection with your target audiences. This idea of defining brand personality applies to all scale of companies.

2. Design Your Brand’s Look

Design Your Brand’s Look

After creating a solid grip on brand identity now one need to move towards the technical aspects of branding your business. A good brand not only allows audiences to remember who you are but communicates with your history, values and entire impact of your business. The visuals and look express your brand story. Let’s have a detailed look at it-

Defining an Overall Style
Just like a fashion brand defines its styles into different categories. A brand style is a set of standards that your company works on. Defining style includes defining the tone of your brand such as colors, words usage, the point of view and more.
The key issue here becomes the style that defines your brand, For example, you cannot include the black and white theme for a children’s theme park website, it has to be colourful!

Choosing your brand’s colors
Brand color does not mean choosing your favourite color, as it simply speaks your brand. Colors play a significant role in brand development. For example to visualize Facebook is to remember its distinctive blue or when you remember coca-cola you visualize red, similarly if you remember the famous Indian ecommerce company Infibeam, orange come in mind with their tagline SHOP WITH A SMILE; this is the result of successful branding.

To make a confident choice about your brand understand the color theory, which color immediately gets connected with your brand and choose the perfect color scheme for an effective online presence.

Creating a logo
Logos are the pivotal branding tool, sometimes people don’t remember your company’s name instead they remember your brand logo. Your logo says it all, for example, the logo of BuildaBazaar defines two platforms one is of Infibeam other that you can create of your own using the SAAS platform provided by Infibeam. BuildaBazaar helps you create a marketplace or an online store like Amul Online, Fortune Online using the tools and services of Infibeam platform.

Logo should look great no matter where you put it. The rule of logo says that people should understand what your brand is saying by just looking at your logo. Get familiar with the latest trends in the logo with the different color combination and stand out from the crowd.

3. Set Your Brand’s Voice

Set Your Brand’s Voice

Right voice of your brand engages well with audiences. By brand’s voice, it does not mean jingles or anthem or theme song. But by the brand voice, we mean words, prose styles that engage and motivate audiences.
Brands voice also define your digital presence, your social media connections, product marketing and branding. Every brand has a writing style as the target audience not only see your brand, they visualize and interact with it textually and verbally. Let’s see how setting a brand’s voice works-

Crafting the ultimate brand name
Shakespeare asked ‘what’s in the name?’ but in the digital world, everything is in the name. If your logo is well defined and encapsulated your business idea under it becomes impressive and captative.
Along with the brand name we have popular taglines or a brand slogan. Remembering a slogan of a famous SAAS platform BuildaBazaar which says “Billion Dreams.. Billion Stores..”
Short sentences of these kinds complete your brand name and deliver the essence of your brand.

Engaging with your audience
Building a brand is not merely about designing a logo, creating the website and advertising on social media, it is more than that.
Your brand needs to regularly engage with the audience, which may include your social media posts, newsletters or daily blogs, responding to queries of customer and monitoring the brand’s reputation.

All the steps listed above will definitely help you build a brand. All you need to do is stay focused on your goals and make sure your branding efforts help you to achieve them.