6 Ways To Tap Customer Insight For Creating Engaging Content

6 Ways To Tap Customer Insight For Creating Engaging Content

How often do you look to your customers for a true understanding of their challenges? We collect huge amounts of data on them, but rarely use that data. To succeed and grow, a business needs to be able to acquire, retain, satisfy and engage their customers effectively. Customer analytics are vital for assessing how well a business does this. This notion also applies to your content marketing.

What Is Customer Insight? To understand insight, we must understand the data that fuels it. Customer analytics data helps to understand the path your customers take. And insight is what we derive from the data. You need to understand the pages your customers visited. The devices they use, and the channels that assisted the conversion. If you’re in the SaaS or app business, you’ll even learn how they’re using your software.

The insight that customer analytics yields can have serious impact on your business. Extensive use of customer analytics has considerable impact on corporate performance. They are more likely to report outperforming their competitors on key performance metrics. Whether profit, sales, sales growth, or return on investment.

Traditionally, customer analytics helps you understand where your customers are coming from. As well as shed light on how they engage with your products and its features. But it can also guide your content marketing efforts. Customer insight allows you to pay attention to your customers’ activity and analyze their behaviors. What content are they looking at. How are they engaging with that content. Which categories and forms of content are resonating best with individual segments. Read more

Mobile Marketing – How to engage?

Mobile marketing for user engagement

It is fascinating to just know that mobile has become such an integral part of our lives on a day to day basis. More so from a brand perspective, where we need to know and appreciate that the entire world is moving towards Smart phones and if the brand does not include mobile in its marketing strategy, then it is definitely missing something very important. Another important aspect to consider is that there are few brands who are active on mobile marketing, but do they even understand what to expect from mobile as a marketing channel or do they even know what are the right tools and platforms that should be used.

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