The Story of Old is Gold

The Story of Old is Gold

It was about 4 years ago, that S. Prithvirajan, K.P. Jayashree, and Sanjay Dattatri came up with a novel idea to open the first-of-its-kind store in India which would focus exclusively on fulfilling the needs of the senior citizens of India.

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When Selling Art is Just a Click Away

(Source: 1Click Arts)
(Source: 1Click Arts)

Shivani and Yatin Sharma, the proud owners of 1Click Arts, have created a marketplace for all the artists who have their art to showcase before each and every art lover.

Shivani puts it across beautifully, when she says, “It’s not about Hussain or Souza or Raza, it’s about thousands of them gone unnoticed – They never found a name because they never were found.”

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Say No to Silly Marketing !

The objective of this article is to provide a quick summary of all the marketing methods / offers that do NOT give results. These methods have been used again and again, but fail to deliver on the ROI which a typical ecommerce company is looking for.

Say no to dumb marketing

There are certain marketing methods that generate ROI and then there are some that are just a waste of money as the amount of returns is negligible.

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Now is the Time to start selling online

Right time to sell online?

Every business wants to sell online and if you are an entrepreneur or a wanna be entrepreneur and want to sell online, then you have to read this article in detail. It will definitely show you the path on what to consider and how to start your online business.


The 5 Essential Steps to sell online.

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Email Marketing – How to do it the Right Way !


Email marketing is one of those topics that has been discussed at least a gazillion times but it is surprising to see people fail at the basics of email marketing in at least 70% of the emails I receive on a daily basis, if not more. When I try to think about the reason on why this happens, then I realize that it is probably due to the lack of clear set of expectations from email marketing, lack of understanding of target audience, and lack of understanding of why people actually click on an email or buy after clicking on one.

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The Closet With A Difference – Lola’s Closet

The Closet With A Difference – Lola’s Closet

Can you guess the magnitude of contribution of fashion industry in today’s e-commerce scenario? Out of the estimated USD 11bn worth of e-commerce market in India, the fashion industry alone contributes a whopping USD 559 million. Numerous large, medium and small enterprises come together to huge sector, one such contributor is Priyanka Swahney who owns


Early Life

A Closet With A Difference - Lola's Closet
Priyanka Sawhney

Priyanka has had a special inclination towards art from the start.
She loves dancing and fine arts. She has studied accounting and finance but felt the need to do something more creative and out of the box. Hence, she started working at a social media marketing firm after graduation and eventually found Lola’s Closet a year later.

When asked about her love for fashion, Priyanka says “Ever since I was a child I had a keen interest in fashion and I’ve always been experimental with my style. I’ve always been into high street fashion and street style fashion. Though I appreciate the designs and fashion that luxury brands and high-end designers have to offer, everyday high street fashion is more my thing”.

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Travel And Exploration Led This Ex-defence Officer To Start An Art Based E-commerce Business — WowShoppe

Travel And Exploration Led This Ex-defence Officer To Start An Art Based E-commerce Business — WowShoppe

It usually takes an extraordinary idea with a perfect blend of talent and investors to launch a start-up venture. Travel and exploration were the igniters that led Shalini Manish, an ex-defence officer, to start an entrepreneurial venture. Shalini is a travel enthusiast who wants to make a difference in the world of art and culture. She says “In our travels across India, my husband and I have come across a plethora of unique crafts, products that would suit the taste of a connoisseur and yet be reasonably priced”. She found great artisans in remote villages making amazing handicrafts, apparel and curios, and that’s how she felt the need to bring them to her friends. Thus, Wowshoppe was created.

Woman Entrepreneur

Shalini has an amusing but realistic approach to being an “Entrepreneur”. According to her, women are born entrepreneurs, even those whom we address as ‘housewives’. Women as “housewives” handle finances and budget of the house, education and sports of children, housekeeping and garden, provide lip-smacking and healthy food to their family, manage travels and vacations, laundry and its upkeep, renovation and maintenance of house, playing the welcoming hostess at parties, attending parent-teacher meets as part of social relationship, They deal with perhaps the most difficult employees i.e the maids, local vendors etc. And still they find time for all the family members. Shalini says that “The sense of responsibility and multi-tasking comes naturally to every woman. That’s why women entrepreneurs are even more successful than men.”

The WOW Team!!

The WOW team consists of defence personnel, her family members and aspiring women who are enthusiastic and seek work-life balance. Taruna Verma who is a food blogger at, Shivi Ahluwalia and Sucheta Bannerjee who conduct craft classes. Mrs Swadesh Wahi and Mrs Renu Bidani, who are above 70 but their art and craft speak for them. Jessica is just 18 and she handles the exhibition team. Shalini says,“Jessica’s ideas are innovative and fresh. Namita and Rinku represent the Namrin brand of WowShoppe. Jagrutiben is an artist from the JJ School of Arts. The team is yet growing.”

In future Shalini plans to have artisans on-board from every state of India, and WowShoppe having a recognition for its quality nationally and internationally.

E-Shop as well as Offline Stores

The WowShoppe team has 3 dimensions of sales i.e. physical stores, exhibitions and an online store, all complementing each other to boost the sales. WowShoppe has 2 physical stores in Nashik, one in Deolali Army Camp as a factory outlet and the other in Soma Winery, Nashik, as a Franchise Store. Shalini says, “We are soon coming up with Franchise Stores in other locations too. We have an online store, physical stores and we conduct exhibitions in various places. The response is so overwhelming that at the end of the day we are rejuvenated to try and do more and more.”

About Online Handicrafts Industry

Shalini thinks that e-commerce will complement the handicraft industry and will benefit the buyers and artisans. Most of the artisans are still limited to their place of work. They don’t get the exposure and the right price for their art. The buyers don’t have the option to search and buy the handicraft easily. The only few stores which are available, cater to a particular demography.

She says, “The artisans and the buyers both are happy with the revolution in this field and it has a lot of untapped potential. E-commerce and handicrafts’ trend has made it convenient to reach even the international market.”

Partnership with

When asked about the collaboration with, Shalini went on to praise Taruna Varma and said, “Taruna Verma from our team is an MBA, she handles social media and various vendors, but her skills are limitless. She is a writer, an artist, a photographer, a chef and a food blogger at The cuisine website is hers and she has been felicitated with many awards by national and international food fraternities, which is commendable”. Shalini feels that adding to her website has aided her in sharing easy and healthy food recipes with all viewers and readers.

For a Social Cause

The WowShoppe team promotes tribal art, products by blind schools and artisans from rural areas. The artists from Wow Team provide training to the women from economically backward sections and help them in earning with pride. Thus, they are also doing their bit to support our Honourable Prime Minister’s “Made in India, Make in India” drive.

The WOW team also conducts exhibitions for social cause and provides part of the profits to NGOs.

Kudos to

Shalini says, “Whenever anyone starts a new business, everyone wants the best. I had read and studied about all the e-commerce platforms, had spoken to so many entrepreneurs already in this field, analysed and compared the services and pricing and finally I decided to go for Buildabazaar. Life is much easier after that as I get good support from the team, I have a dedicated project manager to handle my account.”

When asked Why BuildaBazaar, Shalini candidly says, “BuildaBazaar was my first and the only choice as every other platform lacked something or the other. BuildaBazaar provides the complete solution right from designing to post selling. Their team has developers to logistics experts and a great back end support.”
While signing off we asked Shalini if she had any words of motivation for other aspiring women entrepreneurs and to that, she said, “Follow your heart, go for it”. Her mantra for motivation goes as “Khudee ko kar buland itna, ke har taqdeer se pehle, Khuda bandey se khud poochhey, bataa teri razaa kya hai” which means ‘Elevate yourself so high that even God, before issuing every decree of destiny, should ask you: Tell me, what is your intent?’