CG Herbal : Aromatic By Nature

Fragrances have always been important to people. Perfumes are more than just about smelling a certain way, they are a reflection of the wearers personality. Aromatic Isolates and essential oils are used in perfumes, flavorings, personal care preparations. With the idea of making the best fragrances available CG Herbals ventured into the online space. One can now buy Essential Oils that are completely organic. What’s better is that CG Herbals is also available for international customers.

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The Story of Diabetes India Store

Diabetes India Store
(Source : Twitter)

Diabetes India Store, owned by M/s Feed Forward Media & Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., was co-founded by Mr. Ravichandra Chada and a close family friend of his. This store was conceived with the idea to make diabetic-friendly products easily accessible to people who actually need them.

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