COD at Product Variant Level – Buildabazaar Tutorials

COD at Product Variant Level – Buildabazaar Tutorials

Enabling COD for product variants

Today we are going to talk about an important feature which is not only beneficial for the customer, but also shows the flexibility provided by Buildabazaar platform.

The platform has been built with such attention to detail and craftsmanship, that you will find each and every business scenario covered in the tool.

No matter how rare or unique the business scenario is, the fact is that it can occur and it can occur multiple number of times and thus we need to ensure that the technical solution for the same is provided.

So, let’s look at such a case. The case where a customer wants to order a product and the site owner wants to restrict selection of COD for certain variants only. The site owner can then enable COD only for some variants of the product (as explained below).

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