Story of An Honest Man

Story of An Honest Man

The great thing about inspiring stories is that they always fill you up delight, and there’s always a moral at the end of the story. As nice as these stories are, nobody expects them to take effect in real life. Yet sometimes every now and then we do witness an honest man’s actions that renew our faith in people’s capacity towards integrity and honesty.

An Infibeam employee has proved that honesty and integrity still exist in this unfair world, he has shown that honesty is bigger than needs and service stand before self. Ashwin Talwadi, a 33-year old driver working for Infibeam Logistics delivering orders for Fortune Online is a daily wage earner who does not earn more than Rs 13,000 in a month. During one of his order deliveries, he was handed over an additional amount of  Rs 74,000 due to an error by the customer. Instead of grabbing this opportunity to keep the Rs 74,000 from the unsuspecting customer Ashwin portrayed that people are capable of great acts of integrity and honesty.

Ashwin like every day was making deliveries for Fortune Online to a customer in Paldi. The order comprised of two 25 kg rice bags and five tin cans of sunflower oil to the customer who had ordered it online. The total bill for the order amounted to Rs 12,184 but during the transaction, the unseemingly busy customer handed Ashwin a bag with bundles of Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes instead of Rs 10 and Rs 20 notes. Ashwin who has an ailing 2-year old daughter was in a hurry to reach the hospital after his wife called and told him that his daughter wasn’t doing well. After receiving this call Ashwin hurried to finish rest of the orders for the day and get back home to his daughter due to which he never got the chance to check the payment. It was only after reaching home at night, he realized that he had received an extra Rs 74,000 while cross-checking the daily collections. On realising the error on the customer’s front, without wasting even a second Ashwin informed his managers about the incident, The managers cross-checked the issue with the customer and soon Ashwin was back at the customer’s house to return the money. The customer, who wasn’t even aware of her mistake until this time kept thanking Ashwin profusely for his honesty. The customer claimed that she never would have expected such honesty in today’s times and has great admiration for Ashwin and the Infibeam staff.

Had he wanted, Ashwin could have just kept quiet when he realised that a customer had paid Rs 74,000 extra over the bill amount. But he ignored all temptations and ensured the money reached its rightful owner.

Infibeam is proud to have Ashwin as a part of the Infibeam family, it is people like him that set the standards of service excellence. The company appreciates his honesty and is planning to felicitate him for setting an example for everyone by demonstrating honesty and integrity.