5 Ways Your Brand Can Appeal To Holiday Shoppers

5 Ways Your Brand Can Appeal To Holiday Shoppers

Holidays are the time that makes the shoppers go turkey. Big retailers rejoice with huge profits at this time of year, but it doesn’t mean that small businesses should be kept away from the consumer frenzy pie. Any business’s products or services will make huge profits and shine brighter in the holiday season. Your amazing products and services will shine if you hire right people to help your business grow and right audiences to buy the products you can definitely make great profits in this holiday season.

That extra hood in your business may make your year happening and it also makes sense in investing for seasonal employees and see potential in your holiday shoppers.

Listing here five things that can set you apart from your competition – and five employees you should hire to cut through the noise through this holiday season.

1. Bring out unique experiences

Bring Out Unique Experiences

Big retailers spend a lot to decorate their store in holidays- with the same old Christmas theme, with a Santa and a Christmas tree. As a small business one can offer customer shopping experience that is more unique, engaging, genuine and original. The holiday season is the season of giving, your business should help your customers keep alive the spirit of “Season of Giving ”. Being an online vendor create special holiday offers to fantasize your customer. Adding social impact to your business adds a special element in the shopping for your customers. Ideas like this help your customer to give back their local community and form a great impression about your business.  

Be different from the ordinary course of events — Treat your customers in a different way as others. Your little shift from the ordinary will build your online brand and build customer loyalty, live music, cookies and cider are enough to set the mood. In an online store for better spread some clever product description, handwritten notes and some extra attractive pages about the festive offers and a little free including in all shipments will do. Train your employees to go beyond and help the customers the best to fit in their bag. The extra pump from day-to-day customer interaction will make a better impact on your store.  

2. Campaign About Your Brand Name Online

Campaign About Your Brand Name Online

Be the brand your customers want. Create products that your customers require. Behind every successful brand lies its marketing. The umbrella named marketing covers all aspects of marketing such as advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Without marketing your potential customers will not come to know about your products as a result sales may crash and companies have to face great losses.

Nowadays businesses are spending huge amounts on marketing and not only marketing online marketing too plays a vital role to bring success to your business. Online marketing is an affordable and effective way to attract holiday shoppers. The three things you need to focus on is :

  1. Email Marketing- Get into the inboxes of your customers. Get the email list of your customers, share about offers, coupons or certificate that they can share with their family. According to a research, 52 percent of people have access to Email over their smartphones and 42 percent of retailers’ email messages were opened by consumers on their smartphones and 17 percent were opened on tablets.
  2. Social Media– Share alert about the holiday sales and promotions to your online audiences via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  Share the links to your best products with photos redirecting back to your mobile responsive websites to increase traffic to your websites and for instant online purchases.
  3. Paid Media– These days social media platforms are not just about sharing photos. Adding a small amount to your photos and posts can find you, new customers. Example Facebook is an easy-to-use platform for small business owners to target a specific audience in the modest budget.   

Hiring a social media expert and a marketing consultant who knows the correct budget to spend to maximize the impact of your businesses to your targeted audience. It will add if you keep a right balance of technical and creative marketing team who will help you clever content and beautiful graphics to attract customers online.   

3. A unique brand design

A Unique Brand Design

A unique brand design always helps. If your design is not appealing then the best marketing campaign will not gain any notice. Your company needs to make a good impression and brand recognition by providing instant connection about your services and offering. A poorly designed logo, website, brochure and other tools will portray an unprofessional impression about your company or brand.

Your brand strategy should build trust and credibility and be memorable in a way. A clearly defined brand strengthen by use of logos, videos and high-quality visuals can let your business dig bigger pockets. For creative design, all you need is a designer, videographer to produce effective content to identify and advertise your brand to attract the holiday shoppers.

4. Global Shipping Strategy

Global Shipping Strategy

In this holiday season, anything done in the favour of customers gives you more sales. One of the most important factors that work is to understand their logistics need. Find room in your budget and offer free shipping to them. Helping customers with shipping will reduce the overall price of the product and help you compete well in the market.

Another thing you can add is offering international shipping. This will give your business an international exposure, rather than making it confined to your locality.

Also one can take advantage of trends in the sharing economy like Shopify and uber have teamed up to help deliver the products instantly to customers. For all this, all you need is an online distributor to sell your products online.

5. A beautiful, responsive website.

A Beautiful, Responsive Website

Today the tech-savvy consumers opt to open their laptop to check your business online instead of driving to the nearest shopping mall. The small pocket digital devices consumers can now browse, research and compare prices online before stepping into the store.

Nowadays mobile shopping is on the rise and if the website isn’t well responsive then it may deliver a bad impression on the consumers. To make your website attractive and user-friendly all you need is a designer and a developer to polish up your website and ensure ecommerce abilities on the back-end.

Above all, remember to have fun this holiday season, make your employees and your shoppers happy and it is a guarantee that you translate them into permanent customers. Don’t miss out this opportunity to make extra profits.

Happy Holidays!!