and All the Nitty-gritties That You Must know and All the Nitty-gritties That You Must know is an initiative by Thane Municipal Corporation in association with RA Intech Innovations and Infibeam, with the hope to provide premium services to the citizens at absolutely no cost. With the digitalisation taking the toll in every field, things have undoubtedly become simpler and faster. Be it shopping, filing an income tax return or even as elementary as connecting to people throughout the globe, all you need is an internet connection to get your things done. The dire need of bringing in the simplicity has engendered the ingenious minds to introduce some of the most path-breaking ideas and innovations. Digitalisation, as everyone says, is the future ahead and that revolutionary age of digitalisation has already begun with the launch of first of its kind platform –

What is

In an attempt to create the online digital identities of the citizens of Maharashtra, the Thane Municipal Corporation has recently launched its online portal under the title of Recently, there has been an astronomical demand of the virtual space in the country. Realizing this exigency of a shift towards the virtual arena, this portal will eventually be used by the government to create the citizen centric services. It will, therefore, make the linking of citizens to the government seamless. The digital identity on this portal will comprise of :Maha.oo-Features

  • Personal Email Id – Once registered on this portal, the user is provided with the unique email id. This email-id, like your Gmail and Yahoo IDs, can be easily linked to your mobile devices and hence keep you updated.
  • Up to 10GB Secure Storage Space – The user gets access to personal virtual space of up to 10GB without any cost.
  • Your Personal Web Address URL – You can create your own personal web address with your .ooo account.

Why Must You Choose

The analogy of a person depositing his or her gold jewellery in the bank locker and trusting that those precious ornaments are placed in the safest haven applies to your digital data as well. The digital data requires a dwelling place as well that is safe and secured from all such burglaries that take place in the digital world in the form of virus and ransomware. But why must you choose as the guardian for your precious data? Well, there are innumerous benefits that will come your way when you register with It is well-known fact how is an efficient effort by the government, so as to secure your data from various kinds of cyber-fraud and use it eventually to create citizen centric services. Also, the reach of your data storage is expanded highly with the help of it. But apart from this, the following are some of the major benefits that you receive from

1. Personal Email Id

When you register on, you are provided with the unique email id, that can be used for your official and personal purposes too. The perk of getting an email id on .ooo is that you get an access to all the premium features of your account for free. This email is equipped with IMAP/POP, which implies that you can, without any hassle, synchronize your .ooo account with your mobile phone, like any other id.

2. Massive Storage Space

Often, it happens that you are supposed to carry a heavy pile of documents containing confidential information with the constant fear of not losing it. But, with the huge storage space that belongs solely to you, you can seamlessly save the data in your account and keep it secured under your strong vigil without the routine exhaustion of carrying the documents. It has been, till now, a coveted dream to get a personal dashboard with the huge storage capacity of 10Gb for absolutely no cost. Your account has turned this dream into reality. With the 10Gb of secure cloud storage on your .ooo account, you can keep all your important data handy and clustered together along with keeping it undisclosed.

3. Promotional offers and Deals

The additional and exclusive benefit that every .ooo account holder is entitled to receive is that he or she gets access to all the delightful and special offers of the pre selected partners of portal. This includes the largest online shopping portal – Infibeam and BuildaBazaar. These special offers and value added services will be intimidated to you on your personal .ooo website and also via email. So, gear up for the indelible shopping experience with your .ooo digital identity.

4. Digital Wallet

Almost everyone today chooses to go cashless, via an electronic wallet. Storing money in your e-wallet is similar to storing money in your physical wallet expect the fact that e-wallet is safe and thief-proof, whereas the physical money can easily be stolen without your notice. Hence, .ooo account comes with a free digital wallet, to keep up with the latest trends and help you transact cashless without any chaos.

It is extremely easy to create your account on You can create your account within 2 steps and avail all the sumptuous advantages that it provides. All you have to do is a message on the given number with your name, and you will be reverted with your email id and the link to your web address. is surely the path ahead for the welfare of both citizens and the government, bridging the gap between them. This is not only one of the very few efforts to fill the lacuna by choosing the advanced technology but also the very first digital platform that provides virtual storage space for free to its citizen in the whole country.