7 Reasons Why BuildaBazaar Is ‘The’ Platform For Your E-Commerce Store

7 Reasons Why BuildaBazaar Is ‘The’ Platform For Your E-Commerce Store

Do you remember all the awful times when you had to deal with those dreadful people standing in long queues at your local store and listen to them complain and moan about the rush? Then there were also the times when you brought smiles to the neighbourhood kids coming over to your shops with the simple act of providing a few free candies. All those little joys and discomforts have now turned into bliss with the advent of the e-commerce industry.
Today more and more businesses are shifting online. You can find literally anything on a digital store, from your TVs to your toothpaste, almost any product or service is available at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. These services follow various methodologies in their approach to business. For businesses breaking into the e-commerce space, the process can be a bit of a whirlwind. E-Commerce presents countless opportunities for retailers and brands, so businesses seeking to take advantage of the benefits must also address some tough decisions about the site design and interface, mobile and social media strategies, customer service and product pricing, to name a few.
Are you one such business? Do you wish to extend your reach by breaking all the geographical barriers and bring your offline store online? If the answer to these questions is yes then do keep reading this blog because you are bound to find all you seek right here. BuildaBazaar, popularly known as BaB, is the perfect e-commerce solution for you. The platform allows you to create your own online retail store and you also have the facility to showcase your products on the esteemed e-commerce website Infibeam.com. It consists of more than 60,000 live stores today and has won the India ITC award for ‘E-commerce Platform Provider of the Year 2016’. It allows its users to customize the web page as per their need by adding banners, images and content.

The e-commerce software as a service (SaaS) model of BuildaBazaar provides the integrated support for domestic and international payment gateways, making selling easier by adding various payment options. This is the most coveted feature today when everyone is switching to online payment. It’s an era of the digital world where everyone is present on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. So, you simply have to share the information about your online store on social media and let the world know you exist, and for that, all you have to do is to come to us and we shall bring the world to you.

So, why would an aspiring business choose BuildaBazaar? Let us iterate some amazing features that shall provide you with an answer to this question. We promise by the end of this article not only would you be considering an online portal for your business but you shall definitely wish to do it with BuildaBazaar.

#1. A Stable and Reliable Platform To Flourish Businesses

BuildaBazaar is one the most powerful e-commerce platform offered as a hosted solution – which shall help you with everything you need to build an online store. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model ensures you get a robust and high-performance platform without having to worry about software upgrades and hardware maintenance. Not only this BuildaBazaar is continuously upgrading the platform to create an online store with new features to help you increase your sales and keep you ahead of the competition.

#2. Easy Managing & Sorting of Your Products

With BuildaBazaar you get access to a brilliant and comprehensive CMS – Catalog Management System to manage all your products. It features a simple and easy to use user interface that shall enable you to add new products to your store, manage their description, price and stock details with absolute ease. To add to this incredible feature you also receive a vast array of tools that help with the addition of multiple products and modification of store and its products information. All in all the only tough decision you will have to face is which products and how many do you wish to add.

#3. Completely Customizable To Your Preference

One of the best features of BuildaBazaar is that it gives you the option to create and customize your store as you wish it to be. You can choose from multifarious themes and templates or request your own. Handy powerful customization tools and widgets are also present that simplify addition of banners, images and content to the webpage at the mere click of a mouse. When you create a store with BuildaBazaar you have the ultimate freedom to choose the look for your webpage. You have the ability to configure and reconfigure it whenever you want, however you want, with close to no effort at all.

#4. Order Management to Make Your Business as Easy as Possible

Right from the placement of order, to the payment and delivery completion; BuildaBazaar platform will manage every tiny detail. When you build your online store, the platform will manage order fulfilment, shipment and completion for all orders from a single panel so all the information that you may need is at your disposal. Not only this, BuildaBazaar also assists in generating invoices to track shipments using advanced store administration panel allowing your customers to track their orders and stay updated on the latest status. After all, at the core of every business lie its happy and satisfied customers.

#5. SEO Friendly, Online Marketing To Always Keep You Trending

No matter what product or service you provide the reality is there will always be more businesses that provide the same. But when you create a store with BuildaBazaar you enable yourself with several features that optimize and enhance your search engine rankings and discoverability because just having great products and services is not enough it is just as important to make sure these products are visible to maximum customers. BuildaBazaar engineers have created a mighty platform where you merely need to add keywords related to the products and brands.

#6. Ubiquitous Connectivity via Social Network

The entire world has started engaging in a virtual world of social media. Sites and networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they are often immensely useful for e-commerce businesses of any size. Social media is by far the most effective way you can get word of mouth momentum started which is perhaps the most vital aspect of your business. To sell online, it gets mandatory for your business to mark its space over prominent Social Networks. When you create a store on BuildaBazaar the entire following of Infibeam and BuildaBazaar on all platforms is yours for the taking. Attract customers on social networks. Share information about your store on Facebook and Twitter. Allow customers to engage with your store using social sharing features like Facebook and Twitter share, and Google+.

#7. Completely Secure Payment Gateway

When all is said and done the most integral part of an e-commerce business is the trust between merchants and customers. BuildaBazaar makes sure that every single payment and transfer is conducted with the highest level of security. Imagine being offered security with the freedom to choose any mode of payment that might be comfortable.With BuildaBazaar you have the facility to collect online payments for your products using Credit cards, Debit cards & Net banking through your own payment gateways. BuildaBazaar supports integration with a number of domestic and international payment gateways like DirecPay, Billdesk, TechProcess, CCAvenue, HDFC, Axis and PayPal. With convenient payment options available through BuildaBazaar, it gets easy to sell online and easy for your customers to buy online.

With the e-commerce industry still in its infancy you have the advantage of staying ahead of the curve and with the incredible BuildaBazaar platform you have the advantage of being the best store online. We are aware you like every business owner have been pondering whether or not you should take your business online and you must have been nervous about this change. We assure you it is just as simple as it is vital for the expansion and success of your business. So if you wish to enter the digital world for your store it is quite obvious that BuildaBazaar is the way to do it. Some of the leading brands that already are using this platform and receiving incredible results are Crosswords, Spykar, Hidesign, Canon,  Amul, Fortune, @home and many more. We know you too want the same level of success and believe us when we BuildaBazaar shall bring it to you.

3 Effective Ways to Understand Your Customers

3 Effective Ways to Understand Your Customers

How to understand your customers? This is the major question asked by any industry or enterprise. To better understand your customers you need to step down in their shoes. For better understanding, you need to have a better engagement. One needs to maintain the proper business communication between the consumer and the brand. This communication can be done through interaction and gather the overall customer experience either online or offline regarding a product, service or brand.

Though in a best eCommerce platform there isn’t a customer who is walking in the store, it becomes equally important to interact with them and gather their requirements and expectations from sellers. For any eCommerce platform, it is very important to exceed the expectations of their customer as they are the heart and soul of their business. And thus it becomes very important to keep proper engagement with their customers. The problem is there that there are companies who focus very less on customer interaction and more on pushing sales pitch on their them. Successful brands and business who interact with their customers know their value, as understanding them isn’t as complicated as it seems. Just you need is proper data gathering and analysis. eCommerce industries especially need to measure and analyze data in better ways to keep their customers engaged as they are not physically present in front of them. To understand better check out the following ways to keep the customers engaged.

1. Get Insights – Step in Their Shoes

Get Insights - Step in Their Shoes

To know customer experience you need data and a consumer-centric approach. The study shows that only 8% of consumers feel great about their online shopping experience. The understanding customer requires you to take a hard look at the points at which your customer contact with the business, especially in the eCommerce sector as a consumer is not physically present in front of you.
What you need to understand about the consumer or buyer is-

  1. Who are your buyers? (The age group)
  2. What do your buyers want from your eStore? (What they expect from you)
  3. How do the buyers take a decision to buy a product?
  4. Where do the buyers go to gather information about the product? (Their preferences)

The buyer never goes for the price at first. They focus more on the ROI (Return On Investment). The prices are totally meaningless if the product as no ROI. The companies who lead with price will gain success at first but will soon lose loyalty and trust if their products don’t go up to the mark. Definitely, you don’t want your company to be one of them.

This process makes you understand your buyer’s needs, their buying process, all these things help in gaining their trust and loyalty. The more aligned you are with the buyer’s journey the better the chance that you have of being their companion and win their trust and business.

2. Collect and Analyze Customer Data

Collect and Analyze Customer Data

All the companies have a  Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) holding valuable information about your customers. By inspecting and analyzing the data, you can study the pattern in which your customers typically make orders. How much time they take to place the order? What all research they do before placing the order? By collecting such data you easily analyze your performance.
Now the point comes what kind of data to collect.

One can collect personal data such as Customer names and mailing lists allowing you to do personalize your communication and interactions. You can directly take a follow-up if there is any problem with their order, also easily share the offers and discounts information by sending promotional emails. Other data to collect can be age, profession, and gender to understand their shopping pattern.

Recognizing and analyzing each customer’s transaction history like what products they recently browsed, what transactions they made will help you know which products and services to offer them in future. Also, the companies should encrypt all the customers’ data to safeguard it.

Check out the benefits of collecting the data-

  1. Identify and Verify Issues
  2. Proactively address issues, measure progress and capitalize on opportunities.
  3. Gain trust, develop effective and respectful consultations
  4. Reduce exposure to possible legal action and human rights complaints.

3. Ask them what they think

Ask them what they think

You cannot make your business survive without making an ongoing effort to better understand customer requirements and expectations. To check that your online store is having positive effect or not you need to manage regular communication with your customers. Gathering feedback after every purchase they mage will let you know the changes you need to bring in your online store and the services.

Ways one can choose to interact with the customers

  1. Conduct Surveys- Conducting a simple email survey to acquire customer feedback will make your customers value. Once you make changes according to the feedback, then you can tell people what have you done as a result of their feedback. From the surveys conducted you will get to know your staff behavior from the order of product to delivery till after sales services.

In surveys, they can directly share the bad experiences from your company to you rather than discussing with friends. Unless you actively consult your customers directly you will never discover the loopholes going wrong in your business.

  1. Hold Contest- Getting frequently engaged with customers and holding contests to increase interaction will help your business a lot to read the customer’s mind. Set up customer contact programme to keep in touch with clients. Holding contest will not only grab attention but will keep them engaged with your eCommerce store. Rewarding them for their participation will force them to make next transaction or play another contest. In contests, you could ask customers to share creative photos and tag your eCommerce Store and the chosen winner receives a product or free some points for next purchases.

Thus we can make out that to create online store is not only the thing you need to do after starting the business. You need to continuously interact with your customers, speak to your customers gather their requirements and expectations. To have the best interaction use only the limited crucial information about overall customer satisfaction. Today through eCommerce, selling products online has become a great way for companies and even for retailers to bring their business into the limelight. By doing proper research and understanding your customer you will establish trust, credibility and ultimately increase your brand value.

4 Steps For Creating An Online Path For Your Online Store

4 Steps For Creating An Online Path For Your Online Store

Importance of digital marketing is known to all. And since now, people access most information online and through applications. This is the most influential way to reach new consumers. Despite its importance, some of us have trouble understanding how it impacts the bottom line.

Getting your brand out there to gain awareness is great, yes. But you’re also missing out on a greater opportunity. That is, to boost sales. If you don’t have an easily actionable path to purchase. There is a lot to consider when you are trying to figure out how to build a purchase path for an online store. You want to find a balance. Between your branding and the actual functionality of your site.

As retail trends continue to shift to digital realms. A successful online store has become vital to a retailer’s success. Getting people to click on a product photo is just step one. So how can you guide consumers through the buying process. All the way to the point of payment? Start by identifying who your major competitors are and then visit their website.

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