Mobile Marketing – How to engage?

Mobile marketing for user engagement

It is fascinating to just know that mobile has become such an integral part of our lives on a day to day basis. More so from a brand perspective, where we need to know and appreciate that the entire world is moving towards Smart phones and if the brand does not include mobile in its marketing strategy, then it is definitely missing something very important. Another important aspect to consider is that there are few brands who are active on mobile marketing, but do they even understand what to expect from mobile as a marketing channel or do they even know what are the right tools and platforms that should be used.

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Now is the Time to start selling online

Right time to sell online?

Every business wants to sell online and if you are an entrepreneur or a wanna be entrepreneur and want to sell online, then you have to read this article in detail. It will definitely show you the path on what to consider and how to start your online business.


The 5 Essential Steps to sell online.

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Email Marketing – How to do it the Right Way !


Email marketing is one of those topics that has been discussed at least a gazillion times but it is surprising to see people fail at the basics of email marketing in at least 70% of the emails I receive on a daily basis, if not more. When I try to think about the reason on why this happens, then I realize that it is probably due to the lack of clear set of expectations from email marketing, lack of understanding of target audience, and lack of understanding of why people actually click on an email or buy after clicking on one.

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