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Sunshine Samsonite : Ray of Sunshine at your doorsteps!

Sunshine Samsonite : Ray of Sunshine at your doorsteps!
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If there is one thing an indian household really takes pride in, it is the kitchen. The focal point of all design consideration, without a doubt. From vaastu to interior design, if there is one thing that has taken the top consideration it is the gas stove, the direction it is placed in, the way it’s placed and more. Sunshine brings the added element of glamour coupled with technology. Sunshine Super Kitchen is an ‘innovation led multi-kitchen’ solution brand that aims at providing healthy and happy solutions to eating right.

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A flame of innovation

Sunshine has been a household name for quite some time now, they are, after all, the most renowned manufacturer, exporter and government supplier of LPG appliances. Not just stoves, the brand has a wide range of other offerings including nonstick cookware, instant barbeque grills and more. The brand’s key strength has been creating user friendly and pioneering designs that have been developed by a team of highly qualified professionals. But offering innovation isn’t enough. It is also important to deliver it at a cost efficient way and making cutting edge technology accessible to everyone.

With a promise of consistent quality and dependability, Sunshine Super Kitchen has gained a niche market both domestically and internationally. The wide offering of LPG and Biogas stoves are ISI marked ensuring 100% safety for the users. The wide following has prompted leading retail chains from across India to carry the Sunshine brand in their store. Their aesthetically designed products and their large fan base has prompted them to get online as well, which is where the company turned to BaB

Vikas Khanna’s stamp of approval

When one of the most well known names in the food and hospitality industry endorses you, it definitely says more about the quality than any advertisement ever will. Hop over to Sunshine’s Facebook page and you are sure to find yummy recipes by super chef Vikas. The meethi angeethi range of gas stoves are great to recreate the effect of a grill helping you cook up a range of amazing dishes with the same rustic and decadent tastes that replicate an open air barbeque.

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Lighting up the online spaces

When you are a big name, it becomes extremely important that the company keeps its promise of quality. Often times, the online space can be confusing for brands that have traditionally been offline, which is why Sunshine Super Kitchen chose to team up with Build A Bazaar, a brand that specialises in getting big brands an online store that they can flaunt with pride. BuildABazaar takes care of it all, from getting you online to getting products delivered at your customers doorsteps.

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  1. Woah! That’s Amazing to see various category stoves in theri website. Also, the website looks simple and good. That’s good work by Buildabazaar team.

  2. That’s great to see that apart from stoves, they even sell various types of pans and other accessories like clothes dryer.

  3. Have checked their stoves collection, must say they are Amazing. Planning to purchase a four burner stove.

  4. Great to know that Sunshine works with BaB. Very interesting, l I like the offering. I knew about stoves, but the Meethi Angeethi was a surprise. Cool innovation

  5. This is simply amazing, as a Vikas Khanna fan, I can see that Sunshine is a good brand, the ecommerce element is pretty great for people like me who live away.

  6. oh my god! I have this stove in my kitchen from so long. I can’t believe that there’s an article on this now.

  7. true that. Coming from a brahmin family, our kitchen is almost like a puja room. Great that small brands are going online with their products.

  8. online presence is truly important to reach out to the masses. Many brands, although sell good products, are not able to tap the market as much due to failure in reaching out to the masses.

  9. BABITA KAPOOR says:

    Kitchen is an important aspect indeed. Haven’t heard of this brand before. Anyone have a feedback? Would like to have a look. TIA.

  10. When there are well-known brands in the GAS STOVE industry, what makes Sunshine Samsonite stand out? Love the concept though. Good work Build A Bazaar and Sunshine Samsonite.

  11. Ankita Oswal says:

    Build A Bazaar is doing some awesome work! Great going team and job well done Sunshine Samsonite, will have a look at your kitchen appliances after I leave this comment.

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