How to Successfully Pitch your Idea to Investors

How to Successfully Pitch your Idea to Investors
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Making foray into the field of Ecommerce, you have to make sure first that you have enough money to kick-start your venture. And for that, you need people – people with money, to believe in your idea and trust you to successfully be able to carry out that idea.

So, here are a few tips on how to successfully pitch to your investors.

First 5 Minutes Matter The Most

When they say you have 60 minutes to go, that should mean you have about 20 minutes to present your story, and the remaining is to answer some direct questions. And of that 20 minutes, you really have to work on making the first 5 minutes the most hard hitting. Those 5 minutes play the biggest role in deciding for your investor, whether they think your pitch is worth their time; whether your idea is worth their money.

So, start with what it is that’s lacking, and explain how your idea can can fix that anomaly.

You’re Not Just Presenting Your Idea; You’re Presenting Yourself!

You don’t just need to work on your what you have to say, you have to work on how! Your potential investors aren’t there just to have a look at your idea, but they are also looking at the person who’s going to be responsible for bringing this idea to fruition, as well as the team that’s going to be the very backbone of this venture.

So, do prepare your pitch; but do prepare yourself too.

Know Your Investor

It’s important that you know who it is that you’re going to be dealing with. You should have a fairly good idea about the person who you are expecting to invest money in your idea. That will further give you the idea on how to make your presentation more effective!

Thread A Story

Be a storyteller! There’s no better way to let someone, who knows nothing about you and your business plan, know about it, than presenting it in the form of a story. This way, it becomes more interesting, people relate with it more, they understand it better, and your chances of winning them over increase manifold.

So, think of a brilliant idea, and then think of another brilliant idea to make sure your business idea gets the opportunity to turn itself into an actual business plan.

Vrinda Wakhlu

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  1. Subham Upadhyay says:

    Preparing oneself is a very crucial aspect. Rightly said, the investors not only look at your pitch but as you as well.

  2. Shubiresh Mohapatra says:

    First impressions are everything. Not presenting your idea with confidence could seriously hamper your chances.

  3. virender singh says:

    So aptly said. You are not presenting your idea but also yourself!! This is exactly how every pitch is seen from the investors side.

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