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The Story of Zip My Bag

The Story of Zip My Bag
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ZIP MY BAG, a company based out of New Delhi, was a result of a team of really diverse people coming together, with the diverse interests like Travel & Tourism, Corporate Exchange Program, and even conducting Training and Development programs, both within and outside of India, they chose to push more towards the aim to do something different for kids of various age groups.

Great Products, Great Discounts


Great Products, Great Discounts

(Source: Zip My Bag)


Having decided to sell their products online, choosing BuildaBazaar as their E-Commerce platform, their main target is selling toys for children, gifts and return gifts for kids, gift vouchers, books and so on. And making it a point to sell their products at discounted rates, they get their products directly from the manufacturers – this way they also ensure that they provide the best products to their customers – and finally delivered to them via their shipping operators.


Zip My Bag

(Source: Zip My Bag)


They have tie ups with many of the International as well as Domestic Manufacturers and Distributors, and also provide a platform to the vendors who intend to reach out to their customers, to promote and finally sell their products online.

Zip My Bag and BuildaBazaar

The perfect combination of selling awesome products at awesome rates, Zip My Bag has shared a smooth and seamless relationship with BuildaBazaar, while we have been to make their store exactly how they’ve dreamt it to be!


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  1. I wish I had this when I was a kid! Would have saved so many trips to the market to pick up presents. All the best!

  2. Sudesh Shukla says:

    Lovely. Gifts have become integral to any party especially children’s parties. Zip my bag will make a lot of parents’ life easier.

  3. Vanitha Lakshmi says:

    Good to know that people from different backgrounds have come together for an interesting venture. Lots of fun toys and gifting ideas. Good job BaB.

  4. Nice. I am happy that they offers supplies for parties because it’s usually expensive and hard to find. Loved the website. Playful and fun.

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