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A Way To Say Who You Are – The Story Of Zri

A Way To Say Who You Are – The Story Of Zri
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ZRi has been curated by the Mumbai-based duo, Anupama Jain and Aishwarya Namjoshi. Their love for the beautiful things in life, brought them together on this journey. ZRi – an English adaptation of the word “shri”, stands for light, chivalry, radiance and beauty among others in Sanskrit.

ZRi presents fine, handcrafted and gold-plated fashion jewelry. Each piece is designed inhouse and manufactured to perfection by a team of experts. As their tagline suggests – “STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak”


Being a commercial platform, ZRi not only serves for the needs of women, it also provides charities to those who are needy. ZRi donates Rs. 5 for each product sold to two well-known charities, which have addressed and supported people with life threatening issues. These include BMVSS – which is the world’s largest organisation serving the disabled. And, CanKids, which is a support group for cancer children and their families across India.

A Fashion Portal Which Speaks For Itself

ZRi strives for quality control, customer satisfaction, express delivery and secure payment. Their motto is constant innovation with diverse raw materials and techniques – to aim for 100% customer satisfaction. It is inspired by nature and caters to women for different occasions – be it at work to make a statement or to let her hair down at a fancy party, an informal lunch or a chat over coffee…

Their jewellery ranges from different varieties of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings and even includes some headwears too.

The collection titles are inspired by the many names – ASTA, TARA, SEREN, SITARA, IZAR and FALAK. Because – the most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion.

ZRi And BuildaBazaar

With a brand always striving to deliver the best to its customers, BuildaBazaar has found a partner which would be glad to help in constantly expanding their business. And, they can be assured of a long journey ahead with BaB.

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