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The Story of Diabetes India Store

The Story of Diabetes India Store
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Diabetes India Store

(Source : Twitter)

Diabetes India Store, owned by M/s Feed Forward Media & Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., was co-founded by Mr. Ravichandra Chada and a close family friend of his. This store was conceived with the idea to make diabetic-friendly products easily accessible to people who actually need them.

With products ranging from food items to self-testing meters, and even books related to Diabetic Cooking, Yoga, and so on – Diabetes India Store brings all under one roof.

(Source: Diabetes India Store)

(Source: Diabetes India Store)


Overcoming the Challenges

Ravichandra chose to go for an online model for his business, as he didn’t want the geographical restrictions to be an obstacle in reaching his customers. Plus, he also wanted to take advantage of the booming number of Internet users.

But as any start-up does, they had their own set of challenges.

Setting up a business that serves a really serious purpose, such as this one does, and then making it into a successful entrepreneurship model, is quite a challenge in itself. “In the market”, says Ravichandra, “there are many products, sold in the name of being Diabetic-Friendly; so the challenge was, and has been, to look for authentic products and bring them to one platform. The next thing was to make customers buy those products.” Ravichandra believes that in the end, one’s success or failure depends upon how effectively one can reach their target group, because there is an unlimited scope and opportunity for every player in the market.

One of other challenges was to find a good platform to launch the store in a given time, to which, “Buildabazaar came as a boon to us”, says Ravichandra.

Diabetes India Store and BuildaBazaar

It solved all our Web- IT linked infrastructure issues”, says Ravichandra about BuildaBazaar. Being happy with the e-commerce platform that he chose for his venture, he adds that he finds the process quite user friendly, especially uploading and editing the products and the content.

And knowing this makes us happy to no extent, and even more proud as they are progressively growing to serve their clients better, intending to open shopping depots at 2 more locations in distinction to the centralised shipping they carry out right now from Hyderabad, and then eventually get into franchising.

It has been no less than an honour to have been working alongside Mr. Ravichandra and his team, in trying to make his store exactly what he has dreamt it to be!

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  1. wow. This is fantastic. This is a great place to find everything related to diabetes. As someone who knows many people suffering from diabetes, I can totally see how they would be benefitted!!

  2. Perfect. I’ve never heard of another venture that concentrates on diabetes and delivers all the needs at the doorstep! Great stuff

  3. Krishna Kapoor says:

    Congratulations on such a great initiative. The number of diabeties patients is very high and Diabetes India Store will go a long way in making life easy for them

  4. Wow! The website itself shows the good work done by buildabazaar team. They have supported the Diabetes store to bring together all the herbal products related to diabetes at one store.

  5. That’s nice ! Have checked their website. So many products are being provided…..It’s a one stop store for all diabetes products.

  6. That’s great to see that it includes products from herbal teas to diabetes supplements, Insulin & BP machines;…and much more.

  7. super! Seems like a perfect gift for my Dad for father’s day. My gift is due anyway. Thank you for publishing this article.

  8. appreciate the efforts by entrepreneurs to make lives of diabetes patients easy. These make it convenient to monitor their health and well being. Thank you so much!

  9. Build a bazaar has truly helped them overcome challenges in setting up e-commerce. I can recommend it to many of my friends and family members who are setting up their own businesses. Thanks for the article.

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