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The Story of Crafts Gallery

The Story of Crafts Gallery
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The Story of Crafts Gallery

Craft International, one of the best brands when it comes to selling all kinds of craft products that range from wooden handicraft to semi-precious stone craft to a lot more!

And at unbelievably low prices, Crafts Gallery provides people with a wide range of high quality Crafts International products that can be used for home decor, or as a beautiful gift, or anything else to beautify your home or office space. With an experience of more than three decades in this business, Crafts Gallery knows not just the importance of the quality of the products they sell, but also of product packaging, logistics, competitive pricing, and most of all -on time delivery.

crafts gallery

Manufacture, Supply, Export – They Do It All!

Their distinct position in the industry has been a direct consequence of handling everything from manufacturing, supplying, to even exporting their products, and selling nothing less than premium quality products.

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With one of the largest ranges of marble and wooden handicraft products – theirs is a retail store where you’ll find hand carved decorative elephants, statues of Buddha, Hindu Gods, and wooden statues of Laughing Buddha, Lord Ganesha, wooden carved owl sculpture, marble pen stand, kadam wood carving sculpture, and a lot more.

Crafts Gallery and BuildaBazaar

Crafts Gallery and BuildaBazaar


It feels amazing that our ecommerce platform has been host to such a reputed retailer of the best handicraft products and a great band to reckon with. And nothing makes us happier than the fact that Crafts Gallery is extremely happy with their ecommerce partner!

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  1. Arnav Guptha says:

    I enjoying buying crafts online but never really found a good site all this while. I must say Crafts Gallery is amazing! The collection they have is simply superb.

  2. Now I dont have to go out in the rain or sun to shop for my crafts. I can simply log on to Crafts Gallery and do my shoppin!

  3. Yash Rajkumar says:

    Wooden and marble handmade ornaments are not very easily available and even if they are, the quality is not great. But with Crafts Gallery every ornament is of premium quality.

  4. Indian crafts are so diverse and there is so much demand but people don’t know how to reach out. This platform is amazing.

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