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The Story of Cosmedik Inc

The Story of Cosmedik Inc
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Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Cosmedik Inc is based out of Mumbai, also known as the commercial capital of India, was the brainchild of Sameer Mehta, a qualified Chartered Accountant, and took birth in October 2010.

Sameer set up this online store with the aim to provide an incredible shopping experience, a wide range of International brands, in addition to an excellent customer service at the click of a single button. And through this store, Sameer and his amazing team works towards satisfying the medical and health care needs their customers as well as selling beauty care and premium lifestyle products too.

(Source: Cosmedik Inc)

(Source: Cosmedik Inc)


The Roadblock

One of the major problems that Sameer faced with his online startup was, “Search engine unpredictability”. “Web retailers live and die by organic search engine placement”, he says. But he decided to work with Google adwords, and saw that the issue could be addressed this way.

(Source: Facebook)

(Source: Facebook)


Cosmedik Inc and BuildaBazaar

Sameer says he has been happy choosing this ecommerce platform for his business, saying, “Buildabazaar provided an ideal platform to launch my store quickly and accommodated all my requirements.” While we are extremely happy that he finds our team quick and efficient, especially saying that he gets “timely response from them”, we are more than happy to serve a client as Cosmedik Inc which is growing steadily and making us all proud.

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  1. Just checked their website. Looks good and has some amazing collection of products ranging from medical & health care devices to fragrances. Would surely love to try out their fragrances collection.

  2. Nice article! Apart from the issues faced, Sameer hasn’t let it go. Instead, he has come up with a unique store.

  3. That’s a great decision by Sameer to choose Buildabaazar for his business. The website of Cosmedik looks neatly organized.

  4. Prabal Banerjee says:

    Health & beauty in one place always works well. Il keep an eye on this website for updates. Suppport to set up online store by build a bazaar is a great inititative.

  5. to give importance to customer satisfaction is really important. Nice to know that this company ensures that.

  6. Well well.. Nice to see unique products taking their “virtual leap”. Welcome to the e-commerce world. Great going Build A Bazaar and Cosmedik.

  7. Buildabazaar is doing amazing work. Great to read about them. I am going on Cosmedik and checking out their offering

  8. Buildabazaar is doing amazing work. Great to read about them. I am going on Cosmedik and checking out their offering

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