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SSL Certification for your BuildaBazaar E-commerce Store? A Step-by-Step Process – BuildaBazaar Tutorial

SSL Certification for your BuildaBazaar E-commerce Store? A Step-by-Step Process – BuildaBazaar Tutorial
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SSL, Secure Sockets Layer is a web technology designed to provide communications security using an encrypted link between the end user and server. allows you to secure your e-commerce store with a solid SSL certification. You need to procure the SSL from your domain provider, and it could cost you anywhere from Rs. 4000–7500/annum. Before you download the integration file, you will need to generate a certificate CSR — Customer Signing Request.

What is Customer Signing Request or Certificate Request?

The certificate consists of your organisation name, location details, website information, and your web server’s public & private key in an encrypted format. This will be generated by our tech team (Web Server Administrator).

To Generate the CSR & Key our tech team would require the following details:

Common Name: (Domain Name/URL)

Organization: (Registered Name)

Organization Unit: (Business Name, if applicable)

City or Locality: (Name)

State or Province:

Country: Two letter country code (IN)

Once the CSR is generated kindly follow these steps to submit your certificate.

Step-by-step process to generate SSL Certificate:

(The steps mentioned below are based on Godaddy panel, and might differ depending upon the service providers)

  1. Login to your provider’s admin panel.

  2. Click on View Status (if your SSL is new, you might see an option as “Set-Up”).

       3. Click on SSL Certification and Manage:

Click on SSL Certification and Manage

4. Click on Re-Key Certificate and Save.

Click on Re-Key Certificate and Save.

5. Wait till your standard SSL certificate is generated.

6. Select your server type as “Apache” and download the zip file.

Select your server type as “Apache”

Share the downloaded zip file with your account manager and we will get this integrated within 2 weeks. This will cost you a one-time integration fee.

To know more about SSL, please call us at +91 7949004848 or email us at Website:

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  1. Ramansikdar says:

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  2. Securing e-commerce store is an equally important aspect to look in and this SSL certification seems interesting technology used for it.

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    The steps in generating SSL certification look pretty easy and a clear pictorial explanation is given in the article.

  4. Mivaan Jain says:

    I was not aware of what the term customer certificate meant. Thanks to your article I have a better idea now.

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