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A Site That Won’t Bounce Your Customers Away!

A Site That Won’t Bounce Your Customers Away!
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The websites have been launched in such an exploding way, over the recent years, that they can actually confuse the customers, instead of helping them.

In fact, some sites are too complicated to even browse through them. What customers want basically is a simple, easy way of their shopping experience that can intrigue them to come back again. Too much chaos is never intended by the websites, still, it becomes messy. Why – because they don’t pay attention to some simple rules.

Big websites, in the need of getting even bigger, make the simplest mistakes – that is, forgetting the basics of operating their sites. Simplicity is the key to everything, however big is the brand, the basics remain same. They need to capitalize on the customer experience. That is basically the key right now.

Those days are over when only fast webpages and good user interface were the only things that are needs. Now there needs to be a seamless experience for customers. Experts have stated that, now the customer experience is the only thing that websites need to care about. The better the customer experience, the more they will come back. Retaining customers is another important area, that is to be considered, to learn about how to reduce bounce rate of your customers.

There is a need to build the trust of consumers, so that they keep coming back. Because they trust your brand, they would share their experience and new customers would come to the site. New customers need something even more. What IS that thing that they found different, innovative and why they should choose YOU over the one with whom they were shopping earlier.

So it all boils down to how to build a website that won’t bounce your customers away. Which requires some important points to be considered:

Navigation Friendly

Navigation Friendly

This seems to be the most basic area that is needed to be considered. Customers should have the ease of browsing through various departments of the site. Ensuring that your website is easy to navigate for a first-time user and has all the relevant information highlighted – will make th experience worth. There are some basic alignment of fonts and icons that are universal for most websites. For instance, in almost online shopping sites, the categories are usually on the homepage distributed horizontally, with a drop down menu , instead of on the menu side on the left. This helps in saving time.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Linking your site internally, will help customers a lot. When links are scattered over the page, customers would need to search for a particular link. The links should be properly interlinked with one another, so that customers won’t have to click on so many links. Have a screen that can direct the users to right sections. This is a big mistake sites commonly make, and is a basic step too. With planned linking to quality content on your page, you can keep visitors hooked on your site to visit more pages, receive quality information and in turn make your site valuable.

Call-To-Action Content

Call-To-Action Content

Having a CTA or a Call-To-Action button is a great way to attract visitors and convince them that they can find more interesting things in your website. Putting attractive CTA buttons can be a great convertor. Never let your visitors leave without getting their information for further use. A simple newsletter subscription pop-up or the offer will make it. Make it a point to give a tempting offer in return for your visitor’s info.

Simple Payment System

Simple Payment System

When you are building an ecommerce website, you definitely have to collect what’s it worth. Choosing payment partners which provide hassle-free process should be considered preferably. This would also facilitate customers in paying with the ease of payment gateways. Also, consider having a toll-free number and a helpline number too to assist your customers in checking out.

Readable Content

Readable Content

This might be the most important part which should be considered. If your content won’t be readable properly, then it would be of no use to consider promoting it with huge images or video content. Customers should be able to read what they are getting and what you are providing them. You need to make sure your contents are readable enough that it won’t scare your visitors away. Be smart enough to know when to make your texts bold and when to use all-cap texts.

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  1. Sanjive Singh says:

    You would think that these are such obvious tips but it seems like in the race to become innovative brands are messing up the basics.

  2. Very important article. Website designers should make an effort to introduce elegance and navigation without compromising on either.

  3. Shivam Khurana says:

    Recently I was surfing a site and I wanted to buy stuff but given how and non descriptive the site was it completely put me off and closed the site. Site must be designed keeping the end user in mind and not the design idea of the developer alone.

  4. Goutham Kumar says:

    Having a good website which is easy to navigate is really improtant. If the website is too complicated, customers would never return back. Instead, they will find various other options to choose form.

  5. Anush Sankaran says:

    A good website is one which is neat and looks organized so that it looks appealing for the users and makes it an easier task for them to shop.

  6. Naraen Sridharan says:

    Internal linking is another important point to remember. It helps users to navigate to different categories easily. With proper linking, it will definitely give a better experience to the users.

  7. Raj Sangam Rahi says:

    Having Call to Action button and simpler payment methods will definitely provide a betetr shopping experience for customers. It is always better to have a toll-free number so that it will be easy for customers to contact if any assistance is required.

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