How Important is SEO for Ecommerce Site?

How Important is SEO for Ecommerce Site?
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Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role. This results in generating good revenue with any of the best ecommerce site. For large business. Therefore, there are few important factors. Which are needed to be kept in mind. In order to optimize your ecommerce site. To ensure a good SEO.

Here is the list of things which affect SEO of ecommerce site:

Navigation Links: These links are basically the product and page categories. Which appear under the navigation menu. On any ecommerce  site. Hence, few of the platforms generate these links automatically.

Page Titles: The page titles are basically the name. Which appears on the left top corner of a browser. When you keep your cursor on the tab. Thus, it ideally should contain the search term. Which you are targeting.

Page URLs: The page URLs are the individual URLs. For each and every page on your ecommerce sites. Therefore, it should ideally have the search term. Which is focused on that particular page.

Image Alt Tags: Whenever any image is uploaded on the ecommerce website. It asks for an Alt tag. Which is basically a description of that image. For search engines to read. It helps you feature on the google image results.

H1 Headings: The H1 headings are usually the main heading. Which is present on any page of ecommerce site. Hence, iIt should contain the terms. Which are being targeted for that page.

Social Sharing buttons: The social sharing buttons play a very important role. In your search engine optimization. You should create your social sharing buttons. By including the text. Which are being targeting to be ranked.

If the above pointers are taken care. While creation and optimization of any ecommerce website. It will have a direct impact on SEO. And which will will result in good sales for your business.


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  1. You can add a social sharing button on every product on ur website also, the user can share it on their wall telling this is what I was talking about or something else, it makes a nice connection also as friends need other friends for shopping, opinionating and commenting.

  2. It’s not the job of Search Engine Optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of Search Engine Optimization to modify the website so well. That it becomes an eagle!!!

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