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When Selling Art is Just a Click Away

When Selling Art is Just a Click Away
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(Source: 1Click Arts)

(Source: 1Click Arts)

Shivani and Yatin Sharma, the proud owners of 1Click Arts, have created a marketplace for all the artists who have their art to showcase before each and every art lover.

Shivani puts it across beautifully, when she says, “It’s not about Hussain or Souza or Raza, it’s about thousands of them gone unnoticed – They never found a name because they never were found.”

She adds, “Art lives across the Indian context in many forms and is crying to be found. But sadly, there is no far-reaching uniform platform to align artists to the viewer through a curated process of showcasing his / her art form.”

At, they create that platform to find great Indian Artisans & their pieces of Art.

Challenges – The Art of Balancing Art and Business

(Source: 1Click Arts)

(Source: 1Click Arts)

As entrepreneurs, Shivani and Yatin Sharma believe in being focused on execution, keeping it simple, and keeping on building on their core idea. And that is exactly what they would like the budding to startups to believe in. Creating a team which is equally passionate about the cause, and gradually building through small but sure steps, while conversing and connecting with the “universe of clients, customers, artists in our case or vendors as in many online models” – these are the core beliefs of entrepreneurship they think.

But, this belief system must have developed as they passed each and every challenge they faced in the process of setting up their dream store, as being a startup, challenges are never too far away.

Especially, when “with a pure play online platform it’s important to build that “Digital Reach” to connect the trilogy of Quality Artists, Engaged Collectors & Purposeful galleries; and creating a reach through an integrated online marketing program is surely a challenge which we look forward to overcome as we go along.”

But, another challenge is balancing their love for art and their entrepreneurship goals. While Shivani says she’s drawn to art, as a passion to create her thoughts on canvases; it’s during this journey of being an “educated artist” that she realized that, “even for a qualified MBA like me, it was difficult to market my art!”

And this was the thought that anchored her to think about thousands of brilliant artists who might not have received academic orientation like she had, made her think of their plight to showcase or sell their artworks.

This is when 1click arts took birth as a concept.

And now, with a purpose to get as many artists & their art-forms to the furore, team 1click arts is as driven as one can be. Having shifted focus, Shivani says, “I feel an unparalleled vigor to contribute in a much larger way to the service of Art.”

1Click Arts and BuildaBazaar

Finding BuildaBazaar’s platform seamlessly effortless to build an online store on, they feel, “We went through many online platforms to construct our store but the decision to stick with BuildaBazaar was, in true sense right, both commercially and technically. I also compliment the BaB team for their continued support.”

And as the entire team at 1Click Arts is engaged in getting to reach out to artists & artisans, making them aware of the power of “Online Show-Window” like theirs and making them believe that this is surely the future, we at BuildaBazaar would like to take it as a compliment that they chose us to help them make their vision a reality.


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  1. WOW! I have been looking for a site to sell my work. If it’s a marketplace that sure makes it easy for me to reach out and get my work out there.

  2. I have a friend who makes her own jewellery. That girl has a whole lot of potential but does not know where to start or where to sell her product. Will definitely mention this to her.

  3. This is great! I did not know the potential of Build A Bazaar until I read this article. A couple of friends and I make our own products. From crochet to jewellery to creating eco-friendly products.

  4. Taking that step to build a digital platform is always heavy. Build A Bazaar makes it so much easier. After reading this article, I’ve had a few ideas of my own. Cheers to 1CLICK and BAB.

  5. This is inspiring, as an artist I would love a platform that encourages me and helps me get in touch with those who appreciate it.

  6. Krishna Kapoor says:

    Shivani is absolutely right, art needs to be noticed and valued and India has such a vibrant art scene and many more artists and art forms that are unheard off.

  7. Good job you guys. You are doing art great service with your wonderful venture! May you find more and more artists whose work is absolutely phenomenal.

  8. I love that Buildabazaar is showcasing such stories, my source of motivation. I am an artist and entrepreneur so I understand the challenges

  9. This is an nice blog over here. I think I will visit your site again when you post some more of this kind of specific information. Many thanks for publishing this information.

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