How To Sell Products Online With BuildaBazaar- A Guide

How To Sell Products Online With BuildaBazaar- A Guide
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Want to sell online? Or do you want an online store from scratch for your products?

No need to worry as BuildaBazaar has everything you need to build your online store. Selling online has never been this easier, faster and more flexible. Now impress your customer with a beautiful store in just 24 hours with BuildaBazaar.

BuildaBazaar provides all the tools for building an ecommerce website, build you online store and give your brand a life. Online sales of products give you huge access to the potential market in an ecommerce industry. With an online store you have your own advantages i.e you have no rent to pay, no physical space is occupied and moreover you are connected to millions of customers in just a single click.

It is good idea for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get a shot of success in short span of time and sell online, all you need is all they need is a beautiful website and brilliant applications in later stages; all these things accomplished with a good marketing plan.

The biggest obstacle a company faces before starting any online venture is the step involved in it. Retailers are not aware about the steps followed to sell products online. Fortunately opening an e-commerce store and selling things online has become far more easier than before. BuildaBazaar’ SaaS based platform helps you start your  own store in simple steps. Check below the complete guide on how to sell products online with BuildaBazaar.

  • Register in BuildaBazaar With A Plan

BuildaBazaar offers you multiple plans to meet your business requirements. If you are a beginner and have less than 500 hundred products than go for Silver plan. There are other plans too such as Gold, Gold Plus and Enterprise plans, choose one which best suits your needs and get started with 15 DAYS FREE TRIAL.

  • Choose A Theme For Your Website

Take your eCommerce business to the next level with a beautifully designed website templates. Choose from over 100+ professional themes with customized colors and fonts with ease. All the themes are fully responsive, which means your customers get a consistent experience with all the screen sizes. Make sure you choose the right template or design for your brand. After all, this is going to be the major revenue source for you.

sell products online


  • Upload Your Products


sell online

Decide upon the product catalogue and manage your product catalogue and smartly sell online. BuildaBazaar has a comprehensive CMS- Content Management system allowing you to effectively manage your products. Designed with simple user interface, the CMS gives you the ease to add, manage, update and delete products.  Powerful bulk tools allow addition of multiple products and modification of store product information.

  • Integrate Payment Gateway

Now you will not have to go an extra mile to collect payment from your customers. Collect payments online on your store either through credit cards, debit cards or net-banking. BuildaBazaar supports integration with a number of domestic and international payment gateways like DirecPay, Billdesk, TechProcess, CCAvenue, HDFC, Axis and PayPal. Accept payment from anywhere into your bank accounts and give your customers a hassle free shopping experience.

  • Shipping and Packing

sell product online


After your store creation when you start receiving the orders you need to have the best shipping and packaging partner for your website. BuildaBazaar gives you an option of shipping support. It has a collaboration with ShipDroid for seamless deliveries across India.

Want to make your business flourish then choose BuildaBazaar and ThemeJungle as your partner, go for eCommerce logistics services with the best eCommerce store builder in India.

Get the best eCommerce website solutions and theme ideas for your business from the tech team sitting 24 hours online in your service and sell online with ease. Hurry reach out BuildaBazaar today!

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