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Search View Type – BuildaBazaar Tutorial

Search View Type – BuildaBazaar Tutorial
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Search View Type functionality:

This is a very important feature from a UI perspective and allows the viewer of the site or the site admin to select the way the products are displayed on the screen. This feature helps to change the view of the products under category pages and search pages.

Steps to be followed:

1)This feature comes by default under Site Features and also in Admin.

2)Under Show/Update Config ,Select anyone type as desired (refer below screenshot)


Admin View:


List View Sample in the site :



Grid View Sample in the Site:


You should monitor avg time spent on the page, bounce rate, exit rate and other relevant parameters for each of the view and then decide which view should be the default view for the site.

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  1. The steps shown in the form of image depiction made me understand this UI feature better. Very insightful!

  2. Important and good feature that helps the site admin to select the way products are displayed and make it look neat and aligned.

  3. Vasu Kilaru says:

    How can the parameters like average time spent on the age and bounce rate be monitored? Any example?

  4. Goutham Ekollu says:

    That’s a good feature to select the search view type. This helps the admin to select either from list view or grid view suitable for their page depending upon other factors.

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