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Say No to Silly Marketing !

Say No to Silly Marketing !
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The objective of this article is to provide a quick summary of all the marketing methods / offers that do NOT give results. These methods have been used again and again, but fail to deliver on the ROI which a typical ecommerce company is looking for.

Say no to dumb marketing

There are certain marketing methods that generate ROI and then there are some that are just a waste of money as the amount of returns is negligible.

Please keep in mind that there is nothing called “no results”. You will even get results if as an ecommerce company, you distribute pamphlets in an area near you, so the idea here is to highlight marketing methods that are amongst the bottom most and fail to deliver substantial gains.

So here is the list ..

  • Promoting products just because they are lowest priced (and there is no demand, for e.g. t-shirts in winters)
  • Promoting products where you are not price competitive (read as lowest priced)
  • Conditional discounting. Promoting products and giving a discount on the next purchase is one such example. It doesn’t work, the buyer is too smart for it
  • Campaigns where the chances of winning are more than one in a million and the prize is also not overly substantial.
  • Campaigns where the price is first increased substantially and then a large discount is offered. This is specially true for products that are available elsewhere also.
  • Sporadic promotions on low impact offline mediums. For e.g. Radio for a week, or TV for a few days, or small Ad in a news paper once in a while. If it is low impact, then it has to be high on frequency.
  • Marketing on all possible channels in small bits and pieces. You would rather work only on one channel and one Target profile for a long time.


There are a lot more, and the only way to market today is to think of the viewer of the marketing message is yourself. Create the marketing material, choose the channel and then just give it a second thought. Will it make you buy? If not, then you probably need to work a bit more on the marketing bit.


Akash P

Loves digital marketing. Has been working in this field for over 7 years now and is known in our office as THE go to guy for digital marketing

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  1. Nice Information which can be useful to avoid unwanted spends on product promotions. Infact, it gives a basic knowledge of the promotional ideas which fail to deliver the right results in this competitive space.

  2. Senthil Kumar says:

    Well! That’s truly said, ways of marketing a product has changed a lot these days. That’s a good point is to think of the viewer of the marketing message is yourself before marketing any product.

  3. The way a product is marketed has seen a lot of change…..Digitization is booming everywhere. Have the traditional marketing methods like TV Ads, News paper Ads died? Don’t they work anymore?

    • They haven’t died at all Shreya, but the issues are –

      -They cost a lot
      -ROI is a big issue. The amount of returns for every Rupee you invest are far less
      -They need to be done continuously. You can’t do them for a day and leave it.
      – They are better for building a brand when you have deep pockets

      Hope that answers.

  4. Nice article which has got point to point information on how to save yourself from spending money on silly product promotions.

    • Thanks for the kind words Venkatesh. Do subscribe to our mailer for more details about digital marketing and ecommerce.

    • Customers have become smart and they understand that conditional discounting is just a tactic to get them to shop again. For e.g.
      Buy product worth Rs 500 and get a voucher of Rs 250*
      * – Rs 250 off on your next purchase of more than 1000 Rs.

      So basically you have to spend 1500 Rs to get a discount of Rs 250, and not 500 Rs.

      Buyers are smart enough to understand this.

  5. Sanju Shreyas says:

    Hi Akash, got some valuable inputs by reading this blog. But what would happen if my marketing method on conditional discounting fails?

  6. I have read many articles on the same topic but this blog surely tells something which is very true. After all, there is nothing called “no-results”.

    • Thanks for the kind words Sumitrahi. In case you are seeking more information on digital marketing and / or ecommerce, please stay tuned.

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