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Re-Defining Fashion with Nete

Re-Defining Fashion with Nete
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nete (pronounced as netty) is an online fashion store with a unique collection of silhouettes and designs. Not every piece made makes the cut with Nete, only the best of the best find their place in this one-of-a-kind store.


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The site bursts with unexpected textures and patterns that are expertly structured for a timeless finish. With inspiration pulled from nature and faraway lands, each piece evokes warm and effortless beauty. Dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, accessories and just about anything a modern-day wardrobe could ask for can be found on this gorgeous site.


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The Nete (Netty) Cut

Combining contemporary aesthetics with an appreciation of the pats, while infusing a whole lot of passion for style. When you shop with Nete, you aren’t simply shopping, you’re going through an experience. With every garment expertly tailored from plush fabrics, it embraces fashion at a whole different level.


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Nete goes through a selection process and only picks those pieces that come with a personality of their own. They believe that their audiences will appreciate their effort and keen eye for choice. Keeping in mind their target audience, Nete ensures to showcase pristine craftsmanship to their avid shoppers, aged between 25-55, au courant with the trends and styles of today.

Making the cut

All this beauty had to be displayed to make a difference and that’s where BuildaBazaar comes to play. BuildaBazaar has been creating a buzz around the country and has been setting a trend of its own. A trend that makes them easily approachable for start-ups and those looking forward to go online.


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Nete, with the help of BuildaBazaar, has created an online presence that meets the urban styles of today. The site is filled with sophistication and fun. Irresistible designs that embody carefree and effortless style are now just a click away.

Come Fall In Love With Nete

Once you dive into the wonderful world of Nete, you will surely fall in love with their day to dark essentials. Mixing modern silhouettes with nostalgic detailing, these must-haves are building blocks to countless casual looks. If you’re on the look-out for something more on the lines of an evening soiree, they’ve got that covered too.

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Here’s the thing about Nete- the clothes you find on their site are so lovely, you’ll keep coming back for more. Beware, once you go Nete you can never go back. Tempted? Here’s their link:
Confession of a shopaholic- “I couldn’t resist but add products to cart as I wrote the blog.”


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  1. Yashraj Kumar says:

    Perfect Indian prints meet western cuts. I loved how these look. Couldn’t stop myself from surfing the website

  2. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Wonderful article, BaB blog is certainly becoming one of those places to see and discover new products and ideas. Lovely

  3. Finally an article with class. Very well written. The site is absolutely fantabulous! Love the dresses, the eccentric yet nostalgic prints and I’m definitely going to take my pick.

  4. Nete and BaB- what an amazing site. I love the concept. These dresses are carefree and so much fun. Congrats Nete on your success.

  5. Siva Shankar says:

    BuildaBazaar seems to be doing some great work for people who want to take their products online. Nete is an incredibly lovely site. Nice article.

  6. Vanitha Lakshmi says:

    I can’t wait to shop for my first product from Nete! BaB you guys are awesome. When I muster the courage to go online with my products, I will keep you’ll in mind.

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