How To Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

How To Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Imagine you are sitting at a coffee shop alone and need to kill time. You would open your favourite online shopping portal and browse through the things you once planned to buy. Then, choose your wish product and put it in the cart but then think of suddenly buying it later or else get an urgent work call. You then close the website and forget all about that shopping cart.

Anything familiar?

We come across such scenarios every-day and this is nothing new for the customers to abandon their shopping carts. According to the figures, approximately 68% of shopping carts are abandoned due to one or the other reasons. Do you think if someone would have gone to the store personally and then dragged the shopping cart from one aisle to another in order to get the items he wanted, he would abandon the cart at the checkout? That is next to impossible. Maybe because he invested time and physical effort in gathering those items. But in case of e-commerce shopping carts, it is very easy to leave the web-page and move on.

So here are some ways how e-commerce companies can tackle the abandonment of shopping carts.

  • Automated Texts To Cart Abandoners

Automated Texts To Cart Abandoners

One of the most common reasons of abandoning carts is that the customer is not ready for purchase. Often, a customer completes the order in multiple visits. Fortunately, three-fourths of the cart abandoners do return. So, how to bring your cart holders back? You can encourage them through a series of automated messages and remind them of their carts. You can also offer to give them discounts or offers to get through to their hearts to buy what they intended to. For example, if a customer abandons his cart, you can send an automated text message to him to remind him of the pending order. But in case, if the customer does not return or abandons the cart at the checkout page, you must understand that it might be due to shipping charges or hidden charges. Hence, you can engage the customer with automated messages, give them an option to speak to your representative and offer discounts. 46% of the customers spend more than the original cart value after being nurtured.

  • Make The Checkout A Cakewalk

Make The Checkout A Cakewalk

Often the customer gets frustrated if he has to go through the number of screens before the checkout and abandons the cart. Many times the portals ask the customer to sign in before checkout. This becomes tedious for the customer, especially if he is in a hurry. Hence, to solve this issue, a guest checkout should be provided. You should reduce the number of pages between shop and checkout. Additionally, do not force your prospects to register to complete their purchase.

  • Be Transparent With The Hidden Charges & The Shipping Fees

Be Transparent With The Hidden Charges & The Shipping Fees

Most of the customers abandon their shopping carts due to the hidden charges that are usually revealed during the checkout, mostly the shipping charges. You need to make sure that the cost during the checkout doesn’t become a surprise for any customer. You would surely put a low price tag on your products to make them look desirable, but that does not have a meaning if extra costs are incurred at the end of the checkout. If free shipping is not an option for you, then you have to make sure that the customer knows about the shipping charges well in advance, and in the early stage of shopping. This will make your website appear honest and reliable about the pricing.

  • Offer Multiple Payment Options

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Although most of the Indian economy is going cashless these days, still not everyone has a debit card or a credit card. Multiple payment options are one such choice that would be desirable from the customer’s point of view. By giving lesser payment options to your customer, you are providing unnecessary barriers between shop and checkout. You can give options of credit cards, debit cards, net banking, e-wallets and even cash on delivery. Cash on delivery gives that assurance to the customer that he can pay after getting the product in his hands. Hence, your website becomes his favourite to shop from due to the reliability factor.

  • Mention Trust Signals During The Shopping Journey

Mention Trust Signals During The Shopping JourneyWhen a customer shops online, he gives you his personal information along with his card details and everything online. Hence building that trust is very important to gain the confidence of the customer. Building trust plays a vital role in your business as it removes the hesitation of the customer regarding online security. There are surely a few ways to show your authenticity, security and trustworthiness to the customer. You can add recognizable trust logos to the footer of your website in order to assure customers that they are shopping on a secure website.

  • Provide Customer Reviews Along With The Product

Provide Customer Reviews Along With The ProductMajority of the customers read online reviews and remarks before purchasing a product. Hence, you should give the information a customer needs to rely on the product and your service. Therefore, customer reviews are a must to gain the trust the of your customer and lead them through the shopping journey to the checkout.

Loss of one customer means you are losing your money. Each customer is part of the big picture. Here were listed some ways of preventing cart abandonment out of many. You can use these methods to bring back your customers and not miss any. All the best for your business.

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