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PR In The Digital Age : 5 Tips

PR In The Digital Age : 5 Tips
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In today’s digital age, getting noticed by a big publication or a person – can really benefit your business. Right persons are needed everywhere, they were needed in the past age, they are needed in this age too. Getting to the right influencers can give your business that required recognition and a reputation in the digital market.

But this is not the age to send out your “stories” to some newspapers, – yes, that can be done too, but it won’t give the required recognition. The newspapers have been now replaced by, let’s say, a blogger who would cover your niche. He can be as influential as a newspaper publication because he would have the whole trust and data of your business and your target group.

Today, it’s all about audience – if you get the right audience and you hit all the right chords with them, you are all set. Whether it’s their audience or yours – both have equal importance in today’s world.

So, how you can put up with an impressive PR in the digital age? Here are some tips:

Identify And Leverage Relevant Influencers


An efficient way to reach your audience is to get connected with the people who are already connected with them, whom they trust, mainly who are the influencers. You can ask them to help share their message towards them – this is known as influencer marketing.

You would still want to reach out to big names of media outlets, but the whole definition of media has now changed – they have been renamed and replaced by Youtube, Blogs and Social Media Platforms. The idea is that getting these leaders to share your story is a more effective approach to influencing your audience, in part because they already have the trust of your target group.

Get Noticed In Google Searches


Before the communication, you also need to make sure you understand your target customer by creating a customer profile. This document will have your audience’s key traits, preferences, and behaviors – which will include all the keywords and phrases defining your business and offering. Then, make sure those words are being used appropriately on your site and track the keywords that are driving people to your site by using tools such as Google Analytics.

While people search on Google, usually they only click on results that appear on the first page. That’s why it is so important to invest in PR strategies that improve your search ranking.

Tell A Good And Quick Story


It is your story which ultimately sells. So, while telling a story make sure it is worth “reading” and has all the moments of excitement and intrigue – well, not literally. A story which has maximum reach to it’s customers will have higher chances of being heard in a bigger area. The story should be readable and digestive – which means it should include some short videos, images and the content that customers would actually like to read.

No one wants to read a boring story, and that is why a story which is unique will only get higher impact on the customers.

Embrace New PR Metrics


With print publications, it is challenging to know how many people really read your story. On the other hand, digital PR allows you to precisely monitor your content’s performance. This will show you what channels are most effectively driving traffic to your website and which content is most interesting to your visitors. If you notice users are spending more time on a particular page of your site, try providing more information on similar subjects.

It is also important to monitor calls-to-action/conversation opportunities in your content, so include trackable links when possible. Bitly and Moz show you how popular the site is and helps you understand the value of the placement.

Social Media: A Multipurpose Tool


Social media acts as a tool for pitching, monitoring, and storytelling. Businesses can use it to forge relationships with reporters and influencers. Try to build a rapport before pitching, and reserve pitches for private messages, as opposed to public tweets or posts. In addition to using social media to monitor what is being said about your company use it to share and amplify your story.

Tweeting relevant key facts and release through relevant mentions can prove impactful too. Use Google Analytics to monitor where website traffic was coming from to gauge the success of your efforts.


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