Outsourcing : An Effective Way To Find Talent And Earn Back Your Time

Outsourcing : An Effective Way To Find Talent And Earn Back Your Time
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An entrepreneur has to work for several roles in his business. Some roles work for them. But many of them wouldn’t be a fitting role for them. There would be many responsibilities for them which they won’t be able to handle properly. You are only one person, and you don’t have enough skills and resources to perform all of the tasks.

Just because you are the only owner of your business, it doesn’t mean you have to be responsible for all of the responsibilities your business has to perform. Delegating responsibilities to other capable people, frees you up to focus on your vision and the things only you can do.

It really depends on the contractor, complexity of your project and the nature of the work you need done. One of the worst things that can happen when outsourcing a complex project is – having the needs of the project change as it develops, usually due to unforeseen circumstances or some misunderstanding with the initial agreement. Make sure there’s a clear record of the requirements of the role or project and establish a price according to that agreement.

Whether it’s about growing your business or even getting back to your life. When it comes to creating time and finding talent, ‘outsourcing’ is an essential practice for efficient entrepreneurs. Here we will discuss outsourcing in detail, that despite a hard working job, it gives best results in finding some useful talent.

Pros And Cons


Becoming a control freak can be a good thing too. When you care deeply about your business. But it might also lead to making you think of someone else might not be able to do that job as good as you. On the other side, delegating too much or for the wrong price can increase your operating costs unnecessarily.

Effective outsourcing gives you back the time and energy. You need to focus on higher impact things. And maintain a good balance between life and work. And that is why these things should be kept in mind:

Tasks: Perhaps the most important thing to consider is whether what you’re outsourcing demands your attention and if that attention could be better spent on more essential tasks elsewhere

Long-term vs. one-time: Outsourcing a process in the long-term requires that you build a good relationship with the contractor or agency you’re working with.

Expertise and Workflow: Look at outsourcing essential tasks where you don’t have the expertise to ensure quality work and find ways to offload nonessential tasks that consume a big chunk of your workday.
The simplest way to calculate the value of your time is based on the total number of hours you dedicate to work divided by the income you generate per hour you work. Then ask yourself if it’s worth paying someone to have that time back and what you would invest it on instead.



When you hire people. you shouldn’t expect them to work according to your standards. They have their ways of doing their work. You can train and educate them instead. But never blame them for “poor” work. Which is as per your standards. You know exactly what you want, but the people you’re working with don’t. Communication is key.

Define an outcome: Describe the result you want. Make sure your requirements are clear. And, if relevant, that your instructions account for obstacles.

Over-communicate: Explain why you want it done and what your venture is about. And make sure you’re both on the same page.

Set deadlines: If there’s a clear deliverable at the end. Make sure both you and the contractor are clear about when it’s expected.

Establish a line of communication: Make it easy for both you and the contractor. To get in touch with one another. If the need arises. Email is usually fine for communicating. But consider using Google Hangouts too. Since they let you send instant messages.

How And Where To Find Talent


Personal network
For many people, their first instinct when they need talent is to tap into their personal networks. To find it based on the recommendation of a friend. A mutual friend or connection. Could make it easier to establish a long-term relationship with a contractor. For creative roles like writing, video creation, and design. You can also reach out to people whose work you like to see if they’re willing to offer their services on a freelance basis.

Marketplaces have streamlined the way we objectively consider different aspects. Like price, quality of work, customer reviews, turnaround time, and trustworthiness when evaluating talent. While the inherent competition in a marketplace drives costs down across the board. You might not get to establish the same kind of relationship you would. When hiring a solo contractor through their own platform.

Content writers
When you’re evaluating a content writer. Especially how much you want to pay them. It’s worth looking at not just how engaging their work is. But whether they have their own audience. A writer with an audience might also promote the content they create for you. Within their own networks, expanding the reach of your blog. Or you can ask for ghostwriting services. To publish under your own name. To build your own personal brand, instead.

Third party warehousing
Third party warehousing and fulfillment probably won’t be a good option for younger ecommerce businesses. Even with the cash flow to justify it. There are logistics that must be considered when outsourcing an offline process. That is core to your business’ operation.



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  1. If you’re the only employee of ur business, it doesn’t mean you have to be responsible for all of the responsibilities your business has to perform. You can always outsource.

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  3. The disadvantages of outsourcing are delegating too much or for the wrong price can increase your operating costs unnecessarily, you can by mistake let go of all the crucial information’s of ur co.

  4. I agree to that Effective outsourcing gives you back the time and energy you need to focus on higher impact things and maintain a good balance between life and work.

  5. When you hire people, you just have to allot them tasks, and allow them to do it however they want to and ly interfere if they are not delivering properly.

  6. It’s such a hard task to track ur package and getting it delivered to the right person at the right time at the perfect condition.

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