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Natural Mantra : Natural Living at your doorstep

Natural Mantra : Natural Living at your doorstep
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From grocery to personal care, Natural Mantra is a one stop shop for all your organic and natural products. A product of love, Natural Mantra was started with a vision to be the source for trusted sustainable lifestyle solutions for people’s everyday needs.

Natural Mantra’s mission is to bring healthy living to your door step. The company believes healthy living prevails in a healthy body and healthy mind.

The eco-friendly, organic, natural and ayurvedic products available at Natural Mantra are 100% cruelty free and are the best choice to make for the eco conscious you. Each product is carefully curated and inspected for quality. On average, only 50% of products submitted to the company pass the quality tests and are listed. Natural Mantra also carries the largest variety of natural and organic products. From mosquito coils to skin care products, living organic is now within everyone’s reach.

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Why buy organic?

When the grocery store next door sells seemingly similar products, why do we need to buy organic is a question Natural Mantra has had to answer since their inception. Organic products are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with a environmentally and socially responsible approach where as mass produced products include a lot of harmful chemicals. Organic products are eco-friendly and chemical free, with no animal derivatives. That little extra goes a long way in terms of value and health benefits.

Choosing to put thought and care in what goes into your body is extremely important. but awareness is not enough. Natural Mantra aims to become an online portal to meet all your organic and natural needs, by sourcing and listing products from small family farmers and artisans. Their handmade skin care products have no parabens or sulfates. The site also has a ‘Ask an Expert’ service for you to reach out to expert doctors for advice. A team of Natural Mantra house experts can put together a list of products that are specific to your needs and have them delivered in a timely manner.

The online store hosts a ‘Organic Store at Rs 100’ section with products from as low as Rs 25, is the place to shop while not exceeding the budget.

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Build A Bazaar and Natural Mantra

Organic platform like Natural Mantra is necessity for the people of today who are growing health conscious by the day, keeping this in mind it was only a matter time before they decided to approach BaB and make their online presence felt. Who would say no to earth friendly and organic product?

With BaB platform, e-commerce companies like Natural Mantra are able to set firm footing without being too worried about the technological or the logistical aspects of the business. With a major aspect of the business taken care off, firms can concentrate on finding vendors who will make valuable addition to their inventory. Natural Mantra has found a perfect companion in Build A Bazaar for a long lasting and fruitful association.

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  1. Subham Upadhyay says:

    With Natural Mantra delivering organic and healthy products at door step, my search for organic flours & cereals has ended. Loved their products.

  2. That’s a good initiative by Natural Mantra to bring in organic products delivered at the door step. The website lists wide range of products from organic food products to wellness & personal care products as well.

  3. Sudeep Tyagi says:

    The website of Natural mantra is simple & easy to navigate. This itself shows the support provided by the Buildabazaar team to them. Good work!

  4. Shubiresh Mohapatra says:

    i have adopted an organic lifestyle for a while now and have turned vegan as well. Will try natural mantra to pick up things next time. They have products under every category…. amazing!

  5. virender singh says:

    my mother-in-law firmly believes in organic living and i have suggested natural mantra to her… she loves it already!

  6. Avinash yadav says:

    Their cash on delivery is the best feature… apart from the products being organic of course! Great place!

  7. Aveek Prasad says:

    Organic is good! Glad to hear that there are more companies headed in this direction. Hats-off to you both!

  8. Vivek Sengupta says:

    Go green is the mantra of today and the need of the hour. Can’t wait to make my first purchase.

  9. Shivam Debbarma says:

    With the rise of organic products, the awareness is making people eat and stay healthy Great to know about Natural Mantra.

  10. Ramu Madhuri says:

    Nice website. The products looks good and there are a lot of options for people like me who are just making the shift to organic produce.

  11. Kishore Pradhan says:

    The under store looks good. Its nice that there is a quality check before listing products. Nice website and good information!!

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