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5 Most Common Mobile Commerce Myths

Mobile commerce has almost reinvented the way business is done. Fast connection to the sellers and buyers all over the globe, and even faster is the whole mechanism of operating. Mobile marketing is not a new concept. However, online shopping through a mobile device is still a relatively unknown field for many consumers and retailers […]

Mobile Wallets: The Future of Ecommerce

With mobiles being the one of the brightest innovations of the century, bringing us humans closer to an ever-exciting future, it’s particularly the switch from cellphones to smartphones that has made a vast difference in the way world is today, and how it’s shaping up to be. And this future looks all dressed up in […]

Skyrocket Your Sales Through Mobile Apps!

It wouldn’t be surprising if in a few years, smartphone enters the group of items that we call our basic amenities – food, water, air – those things that our life would be impossible to sustain without! So, then why not have just a mobile responsive website – why insist on a creating one’s business […]