How To Manage Your Time Better as an Entrepreneur

How To Manage Your Time Better as an Entrepreneur
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Time being one of the most important assets available, everyone is always trying to manage it, often unsuccessfully though.

And for the first time entrepreneurs, whether in ecommerce or not, there’s no such asset that’s probably as important as Time. So, here are some tips that would go well in helping you manage your time, and save you some as well.

Do This First, Or That? Decide. Prioritise!

Do This First, Or That Decide. Prioritise!

We all want to do so many things, accomplish so many goals – and we want to do it all at once!

Not that multitasking is an impossible feat to achieve, but not everyone does it right, and if they do, it kind of takes a toll on one’s self, doing it all the time. It brings down efficiency in the long run, and so it’s not worth all the stress.

Especially when you could do something even better – prioritise.

Having a to-do list is one of the most common things, and not just among the entrepreneurs. But how many of those things do actually get done?

The key, hence, is to know what your goals are, how your deadlines look like. And then every time you add an item to your list, or think of an item already there – ask yourself if it will at all take you towards your goal or that deadline – and only consider that item, if the answer is yes.

Get a good idea of what it is the end result that you want – accordingly, decide your steps to achieving that goal – and put those steps in your to-do list. Make those steps a priority.

Clutter Doesn’t Always Breed Creativity

Clutter Doesn’t Always Breed Creativity

All the clutter and the mess, it all seems so creative! Though it does get the creative juices flowing for many, for most others it’s plain mess. Instead of creating new ideas, it just creates a lot of chaos – not the kind that creativity thrives on, though.

So, in case it is clutter that you like, if it is something that does really help you think better – then go for it. But even those who like mess, always have a good idea of where they kept what. They could have a hundred things on their desk, and they’d know exactly where they kept that notepad or the stapler, and so on.

So even chaos demands some kind of organisation on the part of brain.

The other way is to simply organise. The age old way. Instead of always having to ask somebody for a pen, or searching for that one little note that you were sure you just saw, or trying to locate something else – plan your desk, like you’d plan your day.

You won’t just save a lot of energy in trying to locate and relocate stuff, but you’ll really save a lot of time!

The only sad thing about organising stuff, is that you can’t just do it once, and stop at that. You have to keep doing it.

Deadlines Are Good!

Deadlines Are Good!

Deadlines conceive panic. That’s what they do. And that’s what usually leads to one making n number of mistakes towards the end.

But instead of setting unrealistic deadlines for yourself, instead of doing things at the very last minute, why not start early, and then give ourselves some time to go through the work before actually submitting it. Wouldn’t that just be efficient, but it’s a lot of less stress. Approaching a deadline calmly, but effectively, is the way to look at it as something that motivates you to move towards your goal, instead of discouraging you.

No Better Day Than Today!

No Better Day Than Today!

No one’s seen tomorrow. Everyone knows that. And yet, we take it for granted.

The reason why to-do lists fail most of the times, or the clutter returns to the desk again and again, or deadlines make people go panicky, is that we tend to put off things for tomorrow, or the day after, and so on.

‘Now’ is a word, we just don’t reckon with!

If this is what you do too, you need to change it immediately. Take up a task – not just any task, but one that you had intended to get done in the first place, and finish it up.

Do not procrastinate.

Don’t Always Be a ‘Yes Man’!

Don’t Always Be a ‘Yes Man’!

Being able to say ‘no’ is as important, probably even more at times, than saying ‘yes’. You can’t do everything. No one can. So, understand this fact and then act upon it. This is one of the keys to prioritising and organising. You can’t set something as a priority, if you can’t say no to the other n things.

Know your capability – how much you can get accomplished, without having to compromise on the quality – and then decide on a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any task.

A polite ‘no’ will take you much far than a forceful ‘yes’ ever could.


However passionate you might be about your business, however successful; or maybe you’re just starting and are yet to see success – you could be anyone, and Time Management would still top your list of things that you need to revisit time and again.

And it’s a good thing too; more effective your time management, more effective will you business be.

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