How to lower Shopping Cart Abandonment

How to lower Shopping Cart Abandonment
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One of the bitter realities of today’s ecommerce, shopping cart abandonment is on a rise today, and e-tailers are all but happy about it!

And with this rate getting higher, the curiosity of online sellers is also on a rise, trying to figure out, what it is that they’re doing wrong, that is making their customers back off, just before hitting the finish line.

So, here are some of the reasons that might help you figure out what it is that might be stopping your customers from making it till the ‘Your Payment is Successful’ page:

Allow Multiple Payment Options

Allow Multiple Payment Options

No transaction is complete until a payment is made. So you have to work on making the payment part of the sale as seamless as possible. Making payment in itself is something that makes people a little anxious and cautious. What if they put in the wrong details? What if they forget the password? And so on.

So, allow your customers a range of payment options – not just credit and debit card payment, but they should be able to opt for cash on delivery as well. You have to agree that INdia is still reeling in the times when people find themselves being a bit skeptical while making cashless payments. So why not make them as comfortable as you can?

Another way to make this process smooth is allowing your customers to pay cia wallets – like Paytm. People having already registered in there, do not have go through the tedious process of filling in the username and password, in order to make the payment. So they find it extremely easy.

And while taking the netbanking password, or the credit card number and all such details, make sure you make the customer feel secure about revealing such information, by reassuring them that the information will remain confidential and won’t be shared with anyone.

Make your customers feel secure, comfortable, and don’t give them any chance to fret over, by giving them multiple safe and secure payment options to choose from.

Promo Codes! Coupons! Deals!


Promo Codes! Coupons! Deals!

Who doesn’t like a good discount? Or an awesome deal? We all love them; the diehard shoppers they mark such dates on their calendars! Promo codes and discounts are a big reason for people to shop online, instead making a visit to a retail shop.

So, offer exclusive deals, and make sure you display them for everyone to see! What use are they, if people miss it out due to their poor visibility. Showing off might not be a good quality in most cases, but here, the more the show-off you are, the more you stan the chances of earning more moolah!

No Compulsory Registration

No Compulsory Registration

While taking your customer’s email address is a necessity, do not make them necessarily register on your store, while making a purchase. It is a big, big turnoff, when you’re in such a hurry, and you still manage to find something you like from a store, but the moment you go to the shopping cart, it doesn’t let you move ahead, unless you ‘sign up’!

You can always give them the option of registering, while letting them know why it would be a better option for them (order tracking, notifications for deals, and so on). But, always keep the option of buying without registration, an option for them.

Al;so, the customers aren’t really to be blamed if they find it a little waste of their time – because there are so many online shopping portals, that you can not go on buying from so many of them, while getting registered on each of them. Not just you have to have list of user IDs and passwords, but how much spammed does the inbox get because of this!

So, your customer being able to buy from your store, without registering in there, is a good thing – for both you, as well as them.

No Hidden Cost!

No Hidden Cost!

Usually taking the form of ‘shipping charges’, it feels like one’s being cheated when you see the total shopping cart cost, compared what you had thought when you were actually on a buying spree!

You have to – you absolutely have to be upfront about whatever extra you are charging on the cost of the items you’re selling. You have to let it be known in the clearest terms, that you might have a minimum shopping cart value, below which you would charge your customers a little extra for shipping. You could get a shipping fee calculator included on your products pages, which your customers will find transparent, and would appreciate.

But it’s not just about being clear, it’s also about being reasonable when it comes to charging extra. With Free Shipping being the norm with most of the big brands and marketplaces, you just can not afford to charge too much, if you want to stay in the game.

Easy Checkouts

Easy Checkouts

Looking through all the products, making a choice between what they like and what they don’t, what fits their budget, and what doesn’t – isn’t it tedious enough, that you would make them go through a tedious checkout process too?

There are some bare minimum details that you would have to get from your customers – their name, email address, postal address, contact number, and so on. But don’t just ask for things that would serve your backend or marketing needs. Also, things like asking your customer to fill in the address twice – doesn’t help, does it? Keep a checkbox under the address section, where the customer can choose to keep the shipping and billing addresses same, by clicking in that box.

Delay In Page Load Times – Reduce It

Delay In Page Load Times - Reduce It

(Source: APM Blog)

Every shopper will be able to attest to the fact that it really bothers, every time one sees a page taking even a little more while than usual to load. Impatience – the one quality that every human would probably own up to, comes in play, big time here! So many people just kill the page then and there, and move on to check some other website.

And when that page is the payment page, then more than making one impatient – the more the delay it causes the payment page to load, the more it makes one scared if they have entered the correct details in there or not. Its the ‘payment not successful’ which one dreads the most.

So if your online store suffers from ‘this page might take some to load’- syndrome, then get it fixed from your back-end, without any delay.


Preventing your customers from running out on their shopping carts is difficult to say the least, but not an impossible feat at all. Get to know the exact reasons that apply to your store, and then work on them. You can start by making the smallest of changes, and see how it helps you – because each shopping cart abandonment to conversion counts!

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  1. I have always enjoyed ordering online. Very convenient for me since i have no time to go to the store and pick up things.

  2. Very true! The experience of a customer right from the word ‘go’ to the ‘order payment successful’ page is very important.

  3. Very important lessons, as a user I have seen that the times I give up on completing a purchases if it looks to complicated. Too many sign ups and subscriptions.

  4. Thank you BuildaBazaar for this informative article. I totally agree that there should be more payment options for any website.

  5. This is not an aspect that can be overlooked, ultimately the reason why we put up an online stores is so that people would buy and not just look.

  6. Great lesson. Cart abandonment is a real issue. If somebody is adding to cart but isn’t undertaking the transaction, something’s really wrong with the website.

  7. Hirani Rajkumar says:

    I think we need to think from the customers point of view, even in the smallest aspects. Why would you as a customer not complete the transaction, is it complicated? Does it feel unsafe to complete the transaction and few other questions.

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