Journaling : A Proven Way To Be More Productive

Journaling : A Proven Way To Be More Productive
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Writing things down has been one of the oldest methods that ensures productive results in the end. For entrepreneurs, this habit can go a long way in their road to a successful entrepreneur. When you choose to start a business, you have to start everything from a scratch.

Of course, you must be having a plan in your mind, how you would take things, step by step. But as you progress, you see – it’s not going the way you have planned, or imagined – envisioned, basically. With a million tasks and a hundred deadlines flying by, it is natural to feel once again – for what it’s like to run your own business. When you’re at the center of all the chaos, every little thing feels like a top priority.

You have come across many strategies to help you out whenever in trouble – do this, do that etc. It turns out many successful entrepreneurs use and refer to their journals and some notes that they have scribbled down when and what ever they feel is important. This proves to be an important part of their daily routine, helping them stay organized and on track from day to day.

Here’s what you can do to make journalling as the most productive way of being a successful entrepreneur:

The Old School Way


Scribble down short notes, some ideas here and there. Sticky notes, or even your hand would suffice. Find some inspiration of anything that generates curiosity. This is the closest you can come to make journalling as your habit. Later on you can try maintaining a real journal. That wouldn’t be anything huge – just a record of what you have summed up so far.

You can start it with a blank notebook. Write down short notes about your daily tasks. Now is the time to give a strategic decision to those notes. Like posting high-level goals that can be updated weekly or so. This would make you feel more organized and more focused. And at the end of the day, you would feel more motivated to get them done – checklisting the things that have been done so far.

Best Journalling Method For Entrepreneurs


For many entrepreneurs, journalling makes them maintain their work-flow, day-to-day management. And above all they are motivated through it every day, which makes them do productive business. Everything from creative writing, to question and answers, to expressive writing – has a huge range of benefits. This includes – improved memory, concepts comprehension and even health.

When you write, just write -forget about the basics of grammar and all that shit. You have to be naked honest, like no one is ever going to read it – it’s for you and only you to read it. Writing by hand is the best way to write for better memory and try cursive writing to get your thoughts flow smoothly on paper.

Developing An Journal


To properly reflect on your day, you can’t just focus on success. One thing that has encouraged many entrepreneurs is that – writing down the biggest challenge they had faced that particular day. And that encouraged them to put out that challenge the next day.

So, as per this – you can try starting every day with identifying the most important objectives for that day and highlight your biggest challenge. At the end of the day, you will reflect on what you got done and what you want to pursue tomorrow. Also, keep a check that these tasks are going along with your business goals – or something needs a change of direction? You can decide a time-limit for you to keep this check – ten days, two weeks, or even a month.

Doing It The Right Way


Journalling involves a form of motivational interviewing. It’s a technique used to help people find internal, or intrinsic motivation – rather than through external means, such as a praise from a boss or a high salary. And that makes it doubly important for entrepreneurs – as when you combine action with reflection you’ll take better actions over time.

No one launches themselves into success in a single leap. It takes a million tiny steps to get there.
At the end of the day, it takes consistency, commitment and an attitude that defaults to action to be successful. It’s the small things you do every day that will help you build towards something big. But journalling can help you focus on doing more of those things right.

Pragyan Sharma

A quiet person, likes to keep things to myself - well mostly. Have a passion for writing. Loves singing and playing Guitar. Reader. Dreamer. Wanderlust.

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  2. I find it always diff to express my feelings to any1. I always right down 4 pages of good words and gift it to d concerned person. It also makes up as a beautiful memorable to save up n read it in d future, when ur not wid d person.

  3. Always jot down all the topics u want to include in ur business. This makes things better and u would later not even miss out on important things.

  4. Tips from an entrepreneur- Always write down the solutions for every problem you have come across. It can come handy in the later part of ur business. As the same prob or a similar once cn come up again.

  5. rinki bhattachariya says:

    Do not follow any method just scribble down however u feel like, no1 ever is going to read d whole journal. Might be just d first page for curiosity, nickname ur journal as ur personal diary n no1 would ever touch it. J

  6. You can in fact make a checklist of what you have to do every day, and highlight your biggest challenge with another color. So that u can start the day by finishing off the one highlighted.

  7. Mark it on your calendar at your desk that this is the time-limit for this job. When u see the calendar every time, u ll know wt to finish first.

  8. Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are. Even if u die young, ur leaving behind a legacy.

  9. When I was 5 my aunt used to always tell me to write a journal. Now I am 23 n I repent to not have written a journal. If I would have written a journal my life would have become a romantic blockbuster.

  10. These empty pages are your future, soon to become your past. T will read the most personal tale you shall ever find in a book.

  11. Once a day, especially in the early years of life and study, call yourselves to an account what new ideas, what new proposition or truth you have gained, what further confirmation of known truths, and what advances you have made in any part of knowledge.

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