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Here is an Online Business that helps Charity

Here is an Online Business that helps Charity
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The Inner Story Of Inner Cover

Mr. Ajay Malhotra and Mrs. Kavita Malhotra, co-founders, (Source: LinkedIn)

Inner Cover is a dream of Mr. Ajay Malhotra and his wife, Mrs. Kavita Gupta Malhotra, which they gave wings to about a year ago.

They want to remove the taboo from the society regarding innerwear. They claim to be “one of its kind lingerie store which sells innerwear for the whole family.”

Mr. Ajay Malhotra, who has worked brands like Yahoo!, Google and Nokia, and Mrs. Kavita Gupta Malhotra, who’s a mother of two and has worked with major technology and telecom companies, decided to start an online store in this domain, as “with an online store, even if you want to start small, you can do it. No need to take up a shop in a shopping complex, invest in look and feel of the store or fill up the store with stuff right from the word go. You can even start from your one bedroom house.”

The Hiccups and Hurdles…

As a start-up, a lot of challenges came their way. While currently they are a bootstrapped company, one of the biggest problems they faced in the beginning was getting funding. Initially, there was also a time they also faced problems regarding logistics/courier partners. But we helped them cope up with all the technical issues.

Sourcing of branded products was also another challenge before them, “as not all brands are comfortable in selling their products online. Sometimes they want to work with only bigger players in the ecommerce industry.”

They also feel that Logistics is still a big problem the whole country faces, and “like other ecommerce companies, we also faced lots of issues with our logistics/courier partners.”

They wanted to start small because if you don’t need to take up a shop in a shopping complex, invest in look and feel of the store or fill up the store with stuff right from the word go. You can even start from your one bedroom house. I think an online store will increase the potential of reach.

The Social Cause They Took Up

(Source: Inner Cover)

(Source: Inner Cover)

They have also taken up the initiative of educating the poor children of India, as they strongly feel that a well educated India can progress faster and make India a better place to live in. They feel that education can solve most of the major issues in India, be it poverty, unemployment, crimes against women & children, or even corruption. Hence, they have decided to contribute Re. 1 for every product bought on, towards a social initiative related to education. Instead of working with just one NGO, they want to keep themselves open to working with many of them.

Inner Cover and BuildaBazaar

Having been with BuildaBazaar since more than a year, they are happy with the both the robustness of the technology, as well as the technology itself. Not having faced a single downtime has been a big relief, they say. Also, it’s always good to know that they find both the relationship managers as well as the overall service, quite prompt.

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  1. Education is very important and especially in India, the awareness needs to be spread more. Kudos to Mr. Ajay Malhotra and Mrs. Kavita Malhotra!

  2. It takes a lot of courage to start such a business which aims on removing the taboo of inner wear shopping. With such ecommerce stores, one can shop inner garments for their whole family at a single store instead of visiting various physical stores.

  3. Birendra Nath says:

    Although the couple have faced lot of issues such as logistics support, they haven’t shut down the idea. Instead, they have teamed up with BuildaBazaar and overcome all the difficulties.

  4. Wow! I must say, this is one of the 1000 success stories of an entrepreneur. Would love to hear more about these entrepreneurs.

  5. Bansal Pratik says:

    Great going. There is so much stigma associated with inner wear and I am happy that innercover is busting those myths

  6. nice job with the article, really good venture that concentrates on the absolute basic and trying to remove the stigma associated with it.

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