How To Increase Your Ecommerce Business Sales In 5 Simple Ways

How To Increase Your Ecommerce Business Sales In 5 Simple Ways
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This is an obvious fact that the ecommerce industry is expected to continue its upward and rapid growth. This opportunity seems exciting, promising and intriguing for every budding entrepreneur. This is the time to set your best foot forward – whether you’ve already launched an ecommerce business or are looking forward to opening your first venture.

So your online store is up and running, and you’re getting pretty good sales too – that’s very good! But, it’s not easy to avail every bit of profit out of your business without the optimization of your store and using the right strategies to engage customers.

Generating new business is one way to increase your ecommerce sales, but there’s a good chance you could be doing more with the customer base you already have. Here are some simple ways to boost your ecommerce business sales:

Eliminating Abandoned Carts


A lot of ecommerce businesses are losing money with abandoned carts. This might be one of the main reasons for less sales too. One of the main reasons customers abandon their carts is because of price and additional fees. They will leave your site, if they will find a better offer.

One of the most straightforward way to lessen this is sending follow-up emails. A simple automated sequence can help you reduce abandoned carts. Remind customers of what was in their cart and send them a discount code. You can even try holding their items for them, even if — or especially if — your stock is low.

Find Affiliates


As affiliates are incentivized with commissions – they can help you move a lot of products. Though you will have to give away a percentage of your profits to them, but it’s all worth it too. In essence, it’s free marketing for your products and business, and you only have to pay out when a sale is made.

Determine whether to join and leverage a network or start your own tracking system. By leveraging pre-existing networks, you can easily find products in your niche. Make it easy for affiliates to sign up with you and implement tracking links on their blog, landing page or website.



Creativity improves product descriptions and presentation. Using standard descriptions pulled from a database need a new way of incorporating into your product descriptions. Product images should be attractive to build trust and improve the visuals of your site.

You can try experimenting with Instagram, the vale is comparatively higher there, than any other social media platform. You can use the Facebook Store app to sell directly online on popular sites. And importantly, generate product reviews too – don’t forget about the importance of social proof.

Upsell And Cross-sell


When you purchase a new guitar for yourself, after a few years it needs upgrading. This is where upsell comes in – you can upsold it to buy a new upgraded guitar.

When you upgrade it, you realize you need some accessories too with it – tuner, strings and capo. This is where cross-sell comes in – when a business knows you’re going to need other items to go along with that guitar.

Upselling and cross-selling makes up a huge amount of total revenues for many big businesses, and that is the reason enough to make it your priority too.

Social Media


Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit are among the highest-performing sites. Yet, depending on your business niche, other sites may prove to be more worthwhile. It’s worth experimenting to find out.

Owners of many small-to-medium-sized businesses go a little skeptical at the thought of spending on social, as proving ROI can be difficult. But social media is driving sales more than ever, and not jumping on board could mean missing a significant opportunity to increase sales for your business.


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  1. Social media will influence purchases, ecommerce sites can create a platform to encourage people to go ahead with their purchase.

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  3. Yeah I agree with Pragyan, Social medias like Facebook n pinterest are awesome and great for Ecommerce conversion when you create an implemention strategy for these networks.

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  5. Article is very useful & interesting. Once again thank you for your time to share such an awesome guide with us. It should be preserved by every digital marketer.. keep it up.!

  6. Thanks for your wonderful article. Its important to choose right marketing tactics towards your Ecommerce store to reach right potential. Online Business is intended to follow the right path of strategy to reach the success.

  7. Thanks for the great suggestions!! But i would like to metion that Localizing your website will also help in increasing sales..!!

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