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How To Improve Your Facebook Page Reach

How To Improve Your Facebook Page Reach
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Posting on Facebook, is what they teach you in Content Marketing 101. But, just putting a post on Facebook, isn’t nearly enough, is it?

The questions that almost everyone always has are – Why do some pages get so many likes, while others don’t? How do some pages draw in so much of traffic? How do some pages manage to take up so much of space on people’s timelines, while others just keep dwindling on their own?

Organic Reach – that’s another word that has people scratching their heads. So what is it? Organic reach is nothing but how many people is your content on a social media site, that hasn’t been paid for, able to reach to? So the unpaid content that you post, if it reaches say 5 people, out of the 10 people that actually follow your page – then you have an organic reach of 5%.

But with Facebook having entered the phase of paid marketing, you’ll do more good if you pay a little to get your post promoted. The little investment that you make will further your page reach, and with more and more people seeing it – it will only help you generate more revenue for your venture.

So, this and a few more ways could be employed by you, in order to increase your organic reach, get yourself some more traffic, and hopefully generate more leads for your business:
●You have to have great content. There is absolutely no way around it! Know your audience, know what they want to know about, understand the tone of the article, and everything else regarding the way you’d project your piece of writing. Make sure your posts inform, instead of plain selling. And use pictures, GIFs, videos – make your posts interesting. Make them different each time, the same kind of content everyday would get really boring, and wouldn’t go well with your readers. Also, take a look at the times at which you should post on various social media platforms – it being Facebook here.

●Promoting posts on Facebook – it does cost a little bit, but it does work! Try it with a few of those posts and products that you’re really confident about, and see how it goes. Even if it goes well, you don’t have replicate the process for each and every post – that’ll prove to be really expensive; but definitely for those few ones that look promising.

●Now, as you see people responding positively, and in a decent number to your Facebook posts, you should try to get your readers to subscribe to your page – alluring with the regular notifications they will be getting out of it.

●How many times do you see people surfing Facebook on their desktop? Not many – with mobiles around, definitely not many. When you have a mobile application dedicated to it, and you can access it anytime, anywhere – then why wouldn’t you use it almost every time? So, keep your posts such, that they conform to the mobile screen. Mobile responsiveness is a must. Mobiles are the way to drawing traffic!
●There are so many Facebook groups that are dedicated to a certain field, hobby, or vocation. So you’ll see so many people having formed a group, because they love shopping; others might like shoes, specifically; and then there might be groups that love ecommerce, online shopping, or anything related to entrepreneurship in general. So find the niche for your post, and make these groups your targeted audience. Lead generation couldn’t be possible in a better way!

So, keep writing great content, keep posting at the right time, and keep promoting it by making use of each one of these Facebook marketing tactics!

Vrinda Wakhlu

I am a quirky person who loves to read and eat. I love sharing cool facts and my smile is highly infectious. Above all... writing is my passion.

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  1. I like how not only as the author written about how to write facebook content but also why it becomes relevant

  2. After overlooking the grammatical errors, I can say this article is a pretty nice read. It is true to give importance to content. Any content, even if it’s simply posting blogs, CONTENT IS KEY.

  3. Focusing on organic as well as paid ads is very important. Thank you Build A Bazaar for this insightful piece.

  4. Well done BAB! A lot of people tend to take social media marketing as a given. There is a lot more that goes into it. Thank you for this article.

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