How To Create An Online Store With BuildaBazaar And Go LIve Within 24 Hours

How To Create An Online Store With BuildaBazaar And Go LIve Within 24 Hours
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With the rise in eCommerce business opportunities in the current market, you are ought to look for easy and fast eCommerce solutions in India. One of the best eCommerce store builder in India is BuildaBazaar.

BuildaBazaar is a SaaS platform. It is a self service and do it yourself eCommerce solution. It is known as the most affordable free store builder as compared to its competition. Currently buildaBazaar serves about more than sixty thousand online stores. Big names like Amul Online, Fortune Online and Tulip Boutique are associated with this platform. You get a free period of 15 days if you sign up with BuildaBazaar and about thirty customizable features to add on to your website.

Now, how exactly to create an online store?

Decide On A Product

First thing first. Decide on a product or products that you are going to sell with BuildaBazaar. Evaluate the shipping and procurement charges and feasibility to sell it online. Finalize your vendors. Also, analyse you competition in the market with that range of products.

Get A Domain Name & A Logo

The next step is to sign up on BuildaBazaar and register with the name of your company. You should know that the domain name is the first point of contact with your customers. Also, the logo must represent your genre aptly. Select your monthly package and start building the eCommerce opportunity you have been waiting for.

Choose A Theme

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This is the hard part. You need to choose on a website theme to create your website. Now, BuildaBazaar has the solution to this too. It allows you to choose form hundred plus premium themes on ThemeJungle and build your website. These themes are all responsive and SEO friendly and also are ready to be used. Hence, this is the where you can feel your dreams coming true. All the themes on ThemeJungle are designed to be elegantly professional and sport a look that is pleasing to the eyes. These are mobile view compatible and also are supported by all internet browsers available in the market.

Get Your Product Catalog Ready

You can bulk upload your products or even upload them individually on BuildaBazaar. This saves on a lot of time and effort and is easier than it sounds.

Account To Secure Payment & Shipping

The two pillars of a successful eCommerce venture – payments and shipping, BuildaBazaar gives you multiple payment options by supporting various payment gateways like CCAvenue, BillDesk, PayPal, HDFC, Axis and many many more. Also, as far as shipping is concerned, BuildaBazaar connects you to multiple carriers across India to deliver a seamless service.

Go Live! Start Selling!

Yes, that is true! You can now practically start selling within 24 hours. With these ready to be used templates, it gets so effortless and hassle free to create your own online store.

Remember, your satisfaction is our business! Use the best ever eCommerce solutions in India and you would not regret your choice.

Happy Business!


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