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Product Image Zoom – BuildaBazaar Tutorials

Product Image Zoom – BuildaBazaar Tutorials
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Image Zoom feature

There are lots of products where the image of the product gives a lot of detail to the interested buyer.

This feature is required when you want to ensure that the product page images can be zoomed and user can view the image of the product in detail. So many categories like apparel, shoes, furniture, home furnishings, etc need to displayed in detail and the only way to look at them in detail is to zoom the image.

Here is how you can enable the feature on your site.

Step 1: Enable the feature under Site Features.

Step 2: Opt for the feature SDP image zoom and activate, Under SDP image zoom feature opt for the Zoom type and Zoom event and update the configuration.


Note : For all sites hover zoom will work by default you enable the feature or you don’t, if you upload images size more than 900 X 900 px

Reference functionality when you opt :

Zoom type : Hover zoom

Zoom event : Standard


Reference functionality when you opt :

Zoom type : Hover zoom

Zoom event :  Inner zoom


Reference functionality when you opt :

Zoom type : Click zoom

Start using these Zoom features on your product pages and see how they improve your conversion rates.

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  1. Harish Kumar says:

    Wow!! It’s such an important feature which has been depicted well with appropriate images. Informative article and easy to understand.

  2. Anish Mondal says:

    Image zooming helps us to get a clear view of the product. This feature is amazing and easy to use for all kinds of products so that users get a clear idea of it.

  3. Inner Zoom is the one which gives an overall inside-out zoom effect of the product. Isn’t it? For me, the Inner Zoom event is more helpful as it gives a clear picture of the product.

  4. Pankaj Kapoor says:

    Also, enabling this feature is pretty easier. It is useful for all kinds of products being listed on ecommerce sites.

  5. Very nice and detailed explanation. I particularly would like to explore how zoom affects the customer’s interaction with the website

  6. Nidhi Deshmukh says:

    Thank you for introduction to such a nice feature. Helps a lot as zoom allows customers to check the entire product.

  7. Sonu Tripathi says:

    Exploring all the features, this is one of the most interesting, I must add. Thanks for it being so clear.

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