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Facebook Store: Necessity or Hype?

Facebook Store: Necessity or Hype?
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With more than 1.65 billion active users that Facebook sees each single day, it seems almost paramount for every entrepreneur dabbling in online business, to create a Facebook store for themselves.

And it doesn’t seem odd at all, until you realize that the humongous number of 1.65 billion is the number of Facebook users that we’re talking about, not the number of customers – not even the number of potential customers.

So the question still remains, why or why not to have a Facebook Store?

How much of a Necessity is it?

One of the things that probably comes to mind, thinking of f-commerce, is that while one is already creating a Facebook page, uploading so many of the product images, and putting up adverts, plus updating the page so regularly – why just stop at getting likes and shares? Why not employ all this fuss to directly get some revenue too. Why not give people a Buy option too?

Now, it’s one thing if yours is a store that you haven’t registered yet, or the products you’re selling are made from home, like handicraft and so on. Then creating a Facebook store, giving that extra button to Buy, to your customers, for you then, would make a lot of sense. It might not be a necessity even then – but might as well try something, rather than nothing!

How much of a Hype is it?

Despite whatever products you might be selling, if you have an actual online store created for yourself, then a Facebook store couldn’t possibly serve much purpose.

Facebook, one has to understand, is more like people walking down the road with their friends, chatting and having a good time; while a Facebook Store sometimes seems like the pavement sellers coming to your face at the same time, trying to sell you things at a cheap price.

Like Instagram and Pinterest might work, at some level, as probably an online store would; it’s difficult to say the same for Facebook.

So it seems, that f-commerce is definitely something that not only cannot replace e-commerce, but something that one can easily live without.

Vrinda Wakhlu

I am a quirky person who loves to read and eat. I love sharing cool facts and my smile is highly infectious. Above all... writing is my passion.

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  1. Like the article rightly mentioned, having a store depends on the needs. There is no point in doing something because everyone else is.

  2. The facebook store option is awesome for starting up but I think its important to have a store once you are big enough.

  3. Nice thought provoking article. Setting up a store always seemed like the only option, good to know about the Facebook store.

  4. That’s a nice and easy to understand article which makes it clear if facebook store is necessary or not.

  5. I’m sure, this article will definitely clear out doubt’s like if a facebook store is necessary for their business or not.

  6. Vinoth Kumar says:

    that’s true… too much hype and very less usage. E-commerce sites are way too convenient. You get to see similar products and comapare prices all in one place.

  7. if you are a smart business person, you’ll know that e-commerce sites are any day better than facebook stores. I have tried it for my business and was not of much help

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