Eves24 – Jewellery with a Difference

Eves24 – Jewellery with a Difference
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(Source: Twitter)

(Source: Twitter)

Eves24 Easy Jewellry was born this one fine day, when Rahul Banka, while getting ready for a cousin’s reception, stumbled upon the problem that every woman, no matter what her age, always faces – ‘I have the perfect dress, but without the perfect jewellry, it still isn’t a perfect outfit!’

Rahul Banka - Founder, Eves24 (Source: LinkedIn)

Rahul Banka – Founder, Eves24
(Source: LinkedIn)

Rahul Banka, the founder of Eves24 Easy Jewellery, along with co-founder Ruchi Bagla, came up with this very novel jewellery store that serves beautiful designer jewellery, for every occasion – and especially with a really wide collection so a lady never has to repeat a piece of jewellery again!

And knowing the wide audience they’d have for their product, they thought of going for an omnichannel business plan – opening not just a brick and mortar store, but an online one as well.

How is it Different?

With the aim to enable a woman to actually enjoy the jewellery that she chooses to wear, Rahul Banka and the people at Eves24 decided to introduce for the first time in India the concept of a woman being able to pick up real Jewellery for just a few days of usage or build her collection by paying in small installments.

Being an Eves24 Club Member, brings its very own, very unique benefits. With Jewel Library Services, one can pick up the jewellery they like for a day, and return it the other. Instead of going back to the same jewellery one has in their locker, they could wear a brand new piece for one occasion, and choose to do so for every occasion. Eves24 also offer the convenience of buying jewellery on easy EMIs under their Easy Jewel Services.

The Challenge

But, coming from a professional background that boasts of having been in the financial services sector with more than a decade of experience in Investment banking (Advisory for Private Equity raise and Mergers & Acquisitions) primarily across Consumer and BFSI sector, with experience in Real Estate sector too, and being an investor in public market equities – Rahul knew that the technical aspects of creating an online store would be a big challenge.

And that’s when BuildaBazaar came into picture.

“Being no techie” , as Rahul puts it, “it was great to have a platform that would take care of one major thing, while we could take care of the thousand others!”

Eves24 and BuildaBazaar

“BuildaBazaar, I find, is an interesting platform!” While online presence is a necessity, according to him, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hire the services of professional programmers or so – especially if you don’t have a heavily tech-driven business as they have.

And we at Buildabazaar, don’t just agree with him, but we are happy to host such a business on our platform, and wish it all the luck to grow even further in the future!

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  1. Unnati Srivastava says:

    Awesome! All my problems have been solved. Really love the concept of getting a piece of jewelry just for a few days.

  2. I love this idea. As someone who has a lot of occasions to be at but not enough jewelery to flaunt, this is ideal.

  3. Rohan Mehra says:

    I love this idea. As someone who has a lot of occasions to be at but not enough jewelry to flaunt, this is ideal.

  4. its true, the money we spend on jewellery can be invested in some place rather than just lie in the locker. Great idea!

  5. That’s a great idea to rent out jewellery based on customer preference. This will surely help a lot of women to choose from wide range of collections for various occassions.

  6. Seems interesting! With the help of Eves24, it would be hassle free task for women to choose jewellery and rent it out as per their convenience and occassion.

  7. That’s Awesome! Now no more repetition of the same old jewellery. Instead wear a new one for every single occassion.

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