How To Be an Entrepreneur and a Successful Leader at the Same Time

How To Be an Entrepreneur and a Successful Leader at the Same Time
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Being a successful leader is one of the first things you want to achieve, as you start your venture, and employ people to work for you. More of a learning process or a journey, than a goal in itself, these are a few everyday tips, which if employed, might really help you to unravel the hidden leader in you:

Listening is the Key

And not just listening, but observing too. You won’t probably get as many answers on posing direct questions, as you would get on listening to what people generally have to say, or how they behave, their body language, and how they express themselves – not just to you, but to others as well. You’ll come to know so much more about what they are not happy about, and what they’re really passionate about this way.

Stay Curious

We talk about Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), a lot. What we don’t usually take into consideration is Curiosity Quotient (CQ) – even though Curiosity has to be one of the most important traits one possesses as a necessary precursor to creativity, passion, and the most essential of all, the ability to learn, unlearn, and re-learn.

Judge Work, Not People

As an entrepreneur – as the boss – you must have a clear idea of how you want a certain piece of work to be done. And to demand it be done exactly that way, is definitely how it should be. But right or wrong – that kind of judgement should be strictly reserved for the work done, and not really for the individuals. People are a certain way – and whatever way your employees are, must bear some basic compatibility with you and everyone else they work around – but it should limit to that only. This kind of attitude – being non judgemental – is what will make you a leader, along with the entrepreneur that you already are.

Be Sympathetic Towards Others, and Yourself

Being tough on yourself, as well as people working with you – it will be required of you more than a few times – but it really wouldn’t fare you well all the time. You have to understand that sometimes things don’t get done the way you expect them to, or some things just don’t turn out to be the way you’d have wanted them to – in spite of the efforts put by you and your team. So things happen. Understand that. Accept that. Cut some slack to yourself and the people around you.

Lead By Example

Nobody likes a boss who does nothing but bosses around! You want to be the kind of leader that you would yourself follow. So if you want your employees to be punctual, you come on time first! If there’s a particular task related to your field of expertise (you may not know how to do each and every task – you could have a background in marketing, finance, or some other specific area), lead the way in getting the task completed.

Treat People Right – Be Fair

You can never allow favouritism, if you ever aspire to become a true leader. You cannot play favourites, or let a close friendship with a team-mate let you be biased towards him in your work life. Keep your personal and professional fronts separate from each other. And keep the rules same for everyone – special treatment to some, and strict rules for others can’t really put you in the good books of your employees.

Be Passionate

You have to be passionate! There is absolutely no alternative to being really clear and really driven about what you actually want to achieve. Such should be your passion for what you’ve created, that your employees don’t just feel it too, they also understand the reason behind you demanding certain things certain way, and more importantly understand your vision better.

Being an entrepreneur without being able to be a good leader is a work, only half-done. So, try to live each day with these basic things in mind, and you’ll do just great!

Vrinda Wakhlu

I am a quirky person who loves to read and eat. I love sharing cool facts and my smile is highly infectious. Above all... writing is my passion.

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  1. Jishan Khan says:

    That’s a nice article! All the important points required to be a successful leader have been mentioned.

  2. Agree to the point that listen and treat everyone the same way. I do treat all my employees equally. Even employees love the bosses who treat every one equally fair, instead of showing favourism.

  3. People think that leaders can become entrepreneurs and vice versa, but the truth is that it needs real effort to consciously be a good leader.

  4. Nivriti Chowdary says:

    Amazing write up. Leadership and entrepreneurship have many aspects that overlap each other, sympathy, being non judgemental are two of them that stand out for me. Lovely read!

  5. Jiya Khatun says:

    agree to every point mentioned in this article. I have come across some good bosses and some horrible bosses. Good bosses are the ones who make us want to go to work each day and give our best. I pray that every person learns the trait of how to be a good human being first and then a good boss.

  6. Rajiv Sallu says:

    bosses should interact with their employees. This will make them more approachable and thus communication becomes easy.

  7. beautiful article. Wish i could tag all the bosses of the world…. workplace would be so much fun! It will automatically increase the productivity of every employee.

  8. Sachin Virat says:

    Hmmm.. Contemplating my comment. It’s funny how leadership qualities are not considered when appointing a leader. I don’t think leadership qualities can be learned. Well.. some will beg to differ.

  9. Titus Joseph says:

    Yes it is important to treat your employees right. A lot of start-ups ignore this completely- which ends up pretty messy and causes a lot of people to question their ‘reason to stay’ in the company.

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