3 Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Strategy

3 Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Strategy
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Social shopping is one of the latest trends in this digitally driven society and has recently become the new “hangout zone”. However, it is no longer just the teens who are taking advantage of the social media marketing strategy for ecommerce. There are customers of all ages that are embracing these new digital offerings, which are giving them more choices than ever before.

As well as there are opportunities to interact with the brands that they love and are loyal to. Barcode scanners, QR contests and innovative outfit builder apps are also there. With the use of m-commerce steadily increasing, the need to connect with your shoppers through mediums other than web pages is higher than ever before.

E-commerce websites, online marketplaces and even Facebook stores are becoming popular and are very successful for many new sellers. It is prime time for all small businesses to make sure that their products are viewed online. Once that store you are planning to open from days or even months, is up and ready to go, you need to know how to market your products.

So, how can you actually make your online store all ready for social shopping?

 How To Take The First Step For Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The first and cheapest step to a solid social media marketing strategy for ecommerce – is to take advantage of the popular social media sites. Especially if you have a Facebook shop on your Facebook fan page. Use these channels to promote your products, build brand awareness, and interact with your customers. The more you interact with customers and you continue to be active on these channels. The more you will begin to build trust with current and potential customers.

While most of the ecommerce social media strategy is free to create. It may make sense to add paid advertising options from a platform such as Facebook or Twitter. To drive new users to your page and gain exposure to your products and brand. Social sharing is a route you can take to encourage people to share products from your news feed or online store.

Provide all social sharing buttons for the top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These can increase exposure for your ecommerce site, marketplace listings or Facebook store. This lets your customers quickly and easily share your store’s products on their favourite social media sites.

Bridging The Gap

bridging the gap, ecommerce social media strategy

There are a large number of retail stores that are completely missing the opportunity. They are not being able to connect with their online shoppers with their offline information. Most stores will display the hours and locations on their website. But completely ignore the need to provide information on their services and products via social media. The solution is to bridge the gap.

You need to search for methods that will bring your online customers offline. By developing a number of ways to merge your social media marketing strategy for ecommerce with local promotions and online shopping. Regardless of where you have placed your products online, you need to create a marketing strategy to guide your activities.

However, the options online are almost unlimited since you are opening up the world to your products. A general consensus among most shoppers is that receiving a personalised deal on the service or product that you offer. That is an excellent method to increase sales and enhance loyalty. However, these very same customers are somewhat reluctant to divulge their personal data.

Powerful Keywords

powerful-keywords, social media strategy for ecommerce

Use laymen terms instead of hard to understand legalese in the privacy policy. So that customers know exactly how their information is going to be used. All the frequency of communications to be altered by your customers. The next thing that a person will need to do when trying to make their ecommerce site more accessible is to use the power of keywords.

If you fill your product descriptions and homepage content with the right keywords, it will allow you to get more traffic. Most people will go online and search for particular terms when they are looking for certain products to buy. Ideally, you will want to make sure that your ecommerce site will have the keywords people will most likely search for.

The best way to get the right keywords used on your ecommerce site is by working with digital marketing professionals. Every blog post needs proper keyword search before it gets published. A well researched article will always test the time and bring that targeted traffic to your blog or site over the time. There are some ridiculous blog posts which are almost cringe worthy. Like no care has been taken by the blogger as far as the importance of a fresh and well researched post is concerned.

Starting A Blog


Another great way for you to get attention for your website is to get a blog started. People are always looking for new information. By supplying them information about your products and industry, you will be able to garner much more attention for your website. The best way to make sure the quality content needed is produced is by finding a professional content writer to work with.

Before hiring a writer for this type of job, a business owner will be researching their previous work. This will allow a business owner to figure out if the writer is right for the job. Social shopping is still somewhat new, however the future is very bright. There has been a new platform that allows retailers to share data via their ecommerce websites. That is – point of sale systems and their mobile apps using APIs. This results in marketers having the ability to leverage their campaigns based on things such as the where and how of customer shopping.

You can ensure that you eCommerce store is ready to emerge into the realm of social shopping. And take advantage of the increased sales that you can achieve. Working with the right professionals is a vital part of getting ahead in the world of ecommerce.

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  3. Sourabh Singh says:

    I agree with this receiving a personalised deal on the service or product that you offer is an excellent method to increase sales and enhance loyalty.

  4. Kaushik Chatterjee says:

    You actually think all the websites make their customer’s aware on how they are going to use their information.

  5. Nowadays you can easily find out what keywords to use on ur websites by doing a thorough analysis of those hashtags customer’s usually use.

  6. Make ur social sharings attractive might be let’s say dress up a mannequin so attractive that it looks natural and ppl become fans of the dressing sense and just share.

  7. People are always looking for new information and by supplying them with the correct and ontimely information, you can garner much more attention for your website.

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